Instagram Marketing Strategies Which Work all the Time

Name a brand which does not engage in social media marketing. Take your time and think; is there any you can think of? Probably not. Online marketing is crucial in this digital era, and a good social media campaign can build up any brand’s recognition overnight. Netflix is one such company which is doing great because of aggressive social media marketing; in fact, it has even gained more popularity because of its online presence.

Whenever we think of social media marketing, the word ‘Facebook’ pops in our heads. Why should we stay confined within the walls of Facebook? Instagram is one such platform where a brand can build its image. Instagram is all about visuals, and visuals are more interactive. Don’t you agree?

Tips for getting noticed on Instagram

Instagram marketing can be a little tricky since you need to constantly come up with creative visual content. In addition to that, your post has to revolve around that visual content because you need to grab the attention of your followers. Moreover, if you post just a photo, you have to give attention to details like the perfect background or the most suitable filter. The tips mentioned below will definitely help you take over Instagram.

Use ingenious hashtags:

Hashtags are important! Hashtags can take your post to the next level. General hashtags can expand your exposure while original hashtags will build up your brand’s image. However, you must use hashtags correctly. A lot of times, brands can overuse hashtags and this might come off as spam to many Instagram users. Use hashtags which convey the right message to your followers, and remember to incorporate the perfect caption with it.

Give back to your followers:

Interaction with your followers is the key to success behind every social media campaign. You can interact with your followers by replying to their comments or you can share your followers’ photo. How do you think Starbucks is so popular on Instagram? Try reposting their photo and this will show that you acknowledge their presence and loyalty.

Go for a contest:

A contest is the best way to generate more followers. Moreover, it is fun and can be very engaging. You can ask your followers to repost your photo to participate in a contest. In this way, not only will you get to engage people but you will be getting a lot more traffic!

Analyze your activity:

If you are trying to become Instagram-popular, then you will need to post consistently and frequently. You will need to follow-up on your posts. Analyze the activity of your followers and find the right time to post on Instagram. Different brands work in different ways. If your target market is working men or women then posting at 11 A.M. in the morning will not work for you. You should post in the evening because that is when your target group will more likely respond to your posts.

40 tips for Dramatically Better Emails

The Best Email MarketingPractices – part 1

If you are sending an email to a VIP then you obviously know their inbox is brimming with emails just like yours. So how do you get them to actually read your email rather than having it end up in the trash? These 40 simple email marketing tips will solve that problem:

1. Welcome to the VIP Club:

Among the many email marketing best practices, one of the most important one is to make your readers feel like they are special. For instance, give them special access to your product before everyone else, like Apple does with iPhone users.

2. Show a little love:

You cannot come off as inconsiderate or desperate for attention. ‘Last chance’ or ‘trial has expired’ are statements that discourage people. Instead, try saying ‘Need more time?’ or ‘Free giveaway’.

3. Constructive Criticism:

Customer feedback will always help you to make a better product and stay a step ahead of competition. So ask for feedback once in a while.

4. Testimonials:

Customers trust other customers; in other words, they trust proof of satisfaction! Engage people in social media and show off your satisfaction ratings!

5. Become personal:

Talk about your obstacles and failures because that makes you human! Relate to their pain and then drop your product as a solution.

6. Chat away:

Ask a question, ask to follow you on twitter, encourage them to download your app, etc. Start conversations to create engagement, and eventually, habits.

7. Downloadable content:

Give them something in return for reading your emails. For instance, Stock Photo sends users free HD pictures that they can utilize as they please.

8. Give instructions:

This is one of the strongest email marketing tips. After they upgrade, for instance, tell them what to do next clearly and create a calendar/event to reinforce the habit.

9. Keep engaging:

Blog sites like Quora send users weekly digest of their most popular posts. People are engaged because they’re delighted to learn something new everyday!

10. ‘Tag-line’:

Another one of the many email marketing best practice is to keep the subject consistent. In this way they’ll be able to find your email in their haystack of emails!

11. Provide referral codes:

Give users discounts or offers for referring your services to their friends and family members. This is one of the most effective ideas for email marketing campaigns.

12. Interactive buttons:

Nobody wants to read long emails. Simply state what you want them to do and add a clear, attractive button to call for action!

13. Show overwhelming value:

Your product might not be mainstream, but that’s okay. Provide important dates, events, and information for your niche so they understand your overwhelming value.

14. Keep reminding:

Don’t expect users to remember the purpose of your service. Remind them what your service does for them and you’ll get clicks every time!

15. Use your connections:

If your business is partnered with a name brand then don’t overlook its power! It makes both you and your partner’s brand much more popular!

16. Make customers happy:

Services that promise people certain discounts or rewards for their loyalty can hype up their email then send the gift to customers and keep customers happy!

17. Use trends:

Want to create successful email marketing campaigns? Then stay active on social media and jump on the hype train! Limited time offers created by name brands can be featured in your email and you get the attention as well!

18. Thank them:

Don’t forget to say thanks to your customers for your achievements and send them gifts. It makes them happy and makes a good impression on them.

19. Give announcements:

Amp up your regular upgrades and make customers feel the hype of the brand new version of your app/service. Remind them that they are part of the VIP club!

20. Make it fun:

Video games are addictive, right? Well ‘Gamify’ your process, for instance, by giving points for achievements and rewards for leveling up! It will be extremely addicting!

Advertisers Rejoice: Instagram Video Ads Now One-Minute Long

To begin with, Instagram had the option of fifteen-second videos for advertisers. These fifteen seconds were later extended to thirty seconds. Now, just in time for the Super Bowl weekend, the Facebook-owned platform has announced that it has stepped up its advertising options by unveiling an update for one-minute video ads.

This update will allow advertisers to have a wide range of creative resources and opportunities to improve their campaigns and build anticipation leading up to important events, such as the release of a well-known movie or an exciting sporting event like the Super Bowl.

T-Mobile and Warner Bros are the first ones to use this latest feature. T-Mobile has released an extended version of their Super Bowl ad featuring Drake while Warner Bros have posted a one minute trailer of their newest film, “How to be Single”, starring Dakota Johnson of Fifty Shades of Grey fame, and Rebel Wilson, who is best known for her role in the Pitch Perfect movies.

With the number of movies lined up for the year 2016, this latest feature of Instagram will be tremendously advantageous for moviemakers.

The way people watch movies, sports and other programs is shifting tremendously. More and more people now want to watch shows or videos on their smartphone, laptop or tablet rather than on their traditional TV. This update will not only allow Instagram to shift the focus away from television and towards digital marketing but also let advertisers have more creative choices to raise brand awareness and achieve their goals.

Since the format requirements of videos and images are now updated on Instagram, advertisers can post their creative ads on the social networking site. This is expected to be as effective as trailers or full-length ads that are shown on television.

Having said that, there are few things advertisers still need to consider. Consumers are likely to look at the different posts on Instagram only for a few seconds, and on most occasions, with their devices on silent mode. So, advertisers need to make sure that the first few moments of their ads or trailers are interesting, humorous or emotionally moving so that consumers don’t scroll past them.

B2B Lead Nurturing for Beginners

How to Nurture B2B Leads

As times are changing, everybody is so focused on staying ahead of the curve, and getting their marketing message across to their customers.Often times, in doing this, they forget a very crucial component, which is the follow up. In other words, after you have launched your campaign, you would also need to engage in a follow up practice. This is done in the form of lead nurturing. Businesses do this because, even though there are some leads which can come to you on their own, there are others that need extra effort and strategy in order to retain them.
Despite your content being truly amazing, you would still need to do some b2b lead nurturing. What are b2b leads? They are used to not only make your prospects feel special, but to also allow you to get the results of the progress of your marketing activities.

Four ways of Lead Nurturing

Launching your lead nurturing campaign via email

This is considered to be one of the most common and popular lead nurturing campaigns. This is thanks to how people are now so closely connected thanks to the internet. Therefore, when you are thinking of gathering leads via email, you would need to keep one very important and crucial thing in mind. Rather than sending all your prospective customers a generalized email, take out some time to address each individual. In addition, make sure that the subject line has a very catchy topic.

Personal phone call

Another option that you can implement for b2b lead nurturing is by personally calling your clients. So even though there is always the option of email, you can create a more personal relationship with your clients if they can talk to you on a real-time basis.

Connect through social media

There is absolutely no doubt that social media is all the rage these days. So it would be unwise of you to not take advantage of this opportunity to connect with your customers. In this way, you will also be able to gather results in a more specific manner as a result of segmentation.

Chat on services that provide instant messaging options

The last option that you can apply is directly chatting with your clients on instant messaging services. This is considered a more favorable option compared to phone conversations, as it can easily be done on the go. However, you would need to be careful when interacting in this way so as not to invade someone’s privacy.

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