Up Your Email Marketing Game in 2017

Everyone needs inspiration for fresh ideas to improve content from time to time. This applies to seasoned marketers having to adapt to ever-changing technology and newcomers finding their way. There is a constant need to explore and experiment. It is easy enough to look for inspiration online by exploring what your business connections and competitors are posting. You may use Google advanced search for relevant topics, look up in-demand motivational speeches or scan through popular blogs.

Where are examples of effective email advertising?

However, unless you have already acquired the skill, it is very difficult to find good examples of effective email marketing. It is usually necessary to be subscribed to a variety of email lists to come across the best examples. The problem being, you would probably get overloaded with them every day and many good ones may get lost in the shuffle. It takes a bit of time to comb through them consistently. This also holds true for your audience.

What is permission-based email marketing?

Research testimonials have shown that the best return on investment is received through permission-based email advertising. This is much more efficient than traditional marketing, unsolicited email or direct mail. Brands that do it right, manage to boost sales, generate leads, grow relationships, build brand loyalty and increase website traffic.

How can a brand make their email newsletter or press release stand out?

As permission-based email advertising increases, so does the amount of electronic newsletters in your target audience’s inbox. Email marketers need to do everything possible to make sure their content is noticed, opened and read. Your audience should be anticipating the arrival of your newsletter and want to actively engage. It is absolutely crucial that you get to know and understand your audience.

Email marketing best practices

Even with the most compelling content ever, without the right target audience, it means nothing. First, know your audience, then start putting together a permission-based newsletter email list. All this means is that you will be sending your message to viewers who have requested to receive it. They have already established that they are interested in what you have to offer. In addition, consider the following list of useful tips to help maximize your email marketing success.

  • Give your customers something of value, like a free seminar, a short eBook or additional information on products or services that you offer, in exchange for their contact information.
  • Never ask for more information that you need. Too many unnecessary questions may hinder some people from signing up. They find that practice intrusive and annoying.
  • Make sure it is easy for your followers to unsubscribe from your emails at any time. Email from you that ends up in spam or is unsolicited can make your company look bad.
  • Keep your contact lists up-to-date and always respond to all requests quickly.
  • Regularly track how many email addresses bounce-back or are undeliverable followingeach campaign.
  • Make sure the privacy policy clearly details how you will handle your customers’ personal information. A link to the policy should be included in every email you send to viewers.
  • Absolutely never breach the trust of your loyal audience. Respect the terms of your privacy policy and always deliver relevant, quality content they will look forward to reading.

How to Increase Traffic to Your Website

All new internet business owners are challenged with the task of figuring out how to draw in a relevant audience. If your website lacks a steady flow of online traffic you won’t generate sales. You need traffic to test out sales strategy components. If you attempt to roll out a large campaign without prior testing to ensure the process will prompt the maximum number of followers to become buyers, you may lose money, credibility and appear unprofessional to future affiliates and partners.

Increase traffic with a four-step plan

There is a vicious cycle in place for newcomers: Prior to promoting a big campaign to generate traffic, your sales technique needs to be tested, but it can’t be tested without traffic. Here is a four-step plan to help you get started driving website traffic cheaply and fast.

1. Drive traffic to your website:

Before you start boosting traffic to your site, it is critical that these four important aspects of your sales strategy be tested:
• Test your sales copy, particularly your headline, benefits, guarantee and CTA,
• Make sure your order process is user-friendly, suitable for the least internet savvy buyer
• Use opt-in offers to capture user’s information
• Site navigation, the buying process should be completed in less than three clicks

To get started the easiest solution is to buy traffic through pay-per-click of PPC search engines. This process works like an auction, competitors bid for top ranking positions based on the most valuable keywords of choice. When a visitor searches for that keyword or phrase and clicks through to your website, you pay a fee.

2. Buy traffic cheap with PPC ads.

After you have tested your website with a small amount of PPC visitors, the best way to increase traffic flow is to roll out your campaign on a wider scale. Start with Findwhat and Yahoo Search Marketing. Consider moving to Enhance Interactive, Kanoodle, or LookSmart as you begin to increase your bidding investment. Google AdWords is also a great choice for gaining instant traffic. As soon as you pay your ad goes up and the action begins.

3. Use search engines like Google to get free website traffic.

You have already bid for higher ranking in PPC search engines, now is the time to drive traffic through organic directories and search engines. Powerhouses like Yahoo! and Google are still valuable sources of cost-free traffic for your site.

The challenge is achieving an effective ranking for your most popular keywords. Make
sure the spiders locate your website and add it with search results. Spiders are programs that visit online sites, reviews their pages and additional data, to create entries for a
search engine web index. You can submit or suggest your website to all of the major
search engines.

4. Get more website traffic for free by using an affiliate.

There is no end to the number of potential buyers you can reach when an affiliate website promotes
your product or service. An affiliate is simply a reseller. You pay a fee for every buyer your affiliate refers to you. You only pay a commission when a sale is completed. There is no upfront cost and low risk. The reseller will send consumers to your website through links, banner ads, etc., and keep track of all the referrals electronically.

In addition to all of the listed strategies, there is an infinite number of ways you can increase traffic and improve your conversion rate. Before you take the plunge, do a lot of research and understand all of your options. Hone in on one or two highly effective marketing plans and master them well.

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