Social Marketing: Methods to Bring in Customers

No business can exist without customers. It is a constant challenge for companies to touch upon new methods to drive traffic to their websites or campaigns they are running via social media.With the evolution of modern technology and business platforms, it has become crucial for online marketers to have an aligned with the digital marketing transition. By coming up with creative tactics to target at an online audience, more companies are able to add to their pre-existing brick-and-mortar. Here are some ways your company can capitalize on an integration between a physical company and their online representation.


Nowadays, email addresses are a part of one’s social identity. As online purchases have become quite common, it has become advantageous to send receipts in emails as well. Even in store or offline purchases, customers have the option to get the receipts sent to their email address. This saves a lot of hassle in organizing exchange information, and the client always has a ready-to-go proof of purchase. The customer can further choose to have the receipt email printed, and keep it with them forever. Additionally, the company’s email, and furthermore, the company itself, receives more acknowledgment and reach.


Customers will feel more inclined to buy from a store if there’s a special discount or promotional offer. Knowing this crucial fact is what can separate profit from loss, when your company’s sales are concerned. Tying in with the first method, emails can include a platform for the company to send updates to the customers, regarding any new sales, reductions, or seasonal offers. This increases the overall reach through a social medium, and increases chances of being recommended by the customers involved in this method. A trick here could be to offer special discounts through emails or coupons only, so the customers will have an incentive to get the company’s email address or collect the coupons, just to take advantage of the offers.

Social Involvement

Unless your company has a platform on a social media website, chances are your business won’t be doing too good in the long run. Social helps get the word out on brands and companies that are trying to gauge an online crowd. Since most people nowadays are avid internet users, it is a smart choice to create pages or profiles on sites like Facebook and Twitter so the customers can stay in-tune with any updates the company might post. This will also allow the customers to involve with the company and state their opinions, thus providing valuable insight on how you can make your company bigger and better.

Mobile Marketing: The Best Way to Reach Your Targeted Audience

Nearly everyone has a mobile phone, and mobile devices such as smart phones have become an easy way for marketers to reach their intended audience directly and more personally than ever before. Here are some reasons why mobile marketing can work for your business:

  • Cost-Efficient – Mobile marketing is actually quite affordable compared to other types of marketing efforts. With only a nominal fee for each text message, and the short amount of time it actually takes to create and execute a mobile campaign, your business will immediately reap the benefits of savings.

  • Effective – Mobile marketing is taking the marketing world by storm because it has become highly effective in reaching a company’s target audience, and for good reason: Millions of people are active on their mobile device every single day, and on top of that, 90 percent of cellphone users open every SMS message they receive, and almost as soon as they receive them. The chances your marketing message will reach a mobile user is extremely high, which brings us to—

  • Best Way to Reach Your Market – Mobile marketing is extremely effective in targeting your ideal audience because of how personable it can be. A phone number is personal to an individual, and if they’re willing to provide that information for you with their consent to contact them, then that means they are truly interested in your product or service. With mobile marketing you can address potential buyers directly, without wasting time on leads that may not be as interested in what your business offers through other marketing means.

  • Simple Re-marketing – It’s easy to use re-marketing for mobile messages; the ability to share a message instantly with multiple people with mobile devices makes it easy for your marketing message to become viral, allowing interested audiences to do the marketing for you!

Mobile marketing has the ability to save you on both time, money, and effort. Try it out with your business and you’ll begin to see why marketers have started to use this marketing method as one of the pillars of their campaigns.

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