Why Should You Hire an SEO Company?

Having a hard time finding customers online? Are you interested in ranking better on search engines? Your business may benefit from search engine optimization. Many business owners try to juggle both running a business and doing digital marketing for their company; this often results in poor rankings, less time and a whole lot of frustration. So what exactly can you do? Hire a Houston SEO company! When you partner with a qualified digital marketing agency, there are many benefits as opposed to doing it yourself, which may include:

SEO Companies Know the Trends

No one is completely sure how often Google updates their search algorithms, but it has been theorized that it happens multiple times a day. How exactly are you supposed to stay relevant with the latest trends while managing your business? Our Houston digital marketing agency constantly watches for changes to the algorithms and makes sure that each of our clients doesn’t fall behind in rankings.

You Are an Expert, So Are We

A lot of business owners decide to research SEO and then decide they are an expert after reading a few articles. Much like other industries, proper SEO techniques require experience and knowledge. Research has shown that most companies tend to save money after hiring a qualified digital marketing expert, allowing the business owner to focus on what they do best—running their company.

Wasted Time = Wasted Money

We all know the phrase, “time is money,” and when it comes to SEO, it is most definitely the truth. Tiny errors can create a lot of problems, resulting in ranking drops and on occasion even manual penalties from the search engine provider. Every aspect of SEO is highly particular. Do you know what keyword density is? How long your titles should be? Even just a few extra characters can mean the difference between ranking on the first page or finding yourself buried pages behind your competition.

Ready to dominate local first page results in Houston? Hire an experienced Houston, TX SEO firm like Adit to handle all your needs. Let’s talk today!

Online Reputation Management Tips for Local Businesses

When it comes to online business, reputation has become a vital part of obtaining new customers. Did you know most online shoppers check reviews before converting? What do your reviews say about your business? If you aren’t sure of what is being said about your company online, it may be time to start investing in online reputation management. Whether you decide on a using digital marketing agency or doing it yourself, either way, it should be highly important.

For those of you thinking “I’ll just opt out of reviews,” unfortunately, this isn’t possible. So instead of hiding from what everyone has to say, get proactive!

Create Your Online Presence

As we stated before, opting out of reviews and other sites is not quite possible. Even if you don’t have a Facebook business page, just a conversation about your business online can show up in search results. Be sure to be active on any sites that are relevant to your business. Facebook, Google+ and Twitter are always essential; other more niche websites may be used depending on your business. Instagram, Pinterest, and LinkedIn can all have benefits depending on the type of business you are running.

Listen to Your Customers

What your customers have to say online can say a lot about your business, and you should be listening to it. Although customers on occasion do fly off the wall and leave scathing reviews that may not be 100% accurate, often they are pointing out a legitimate problem. Instead of taking offense, use the information to better your business. Are the reviews about your employees? Products? Services? Take note and initiate change within your business.

Be Proactive

Being online, unfortunately, isn’t enough in this digital day-and-age; businesses must remain proactive online. You should be building an audience online and interacting with these customers. If you receive a negative review, be sure to reach out the customer to establish what your business can do to make it right.

Don’t have time to manage your online reputation? With Adit’s digital marketing services we can take care of your online reputation while you stick to what you do best—running your business.

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