Creating a Social Media Strategy for 2018

Did you know that a large number of consumers turn to social media for purchasing decisions? With 65% of American adults using social media, it is an essential part of any business in 2018. Whether you hire an employee to handle your social media strategy or opt for a digital marketing agency, you need to be developing a social media strategy for your business to thrive in today’s online world. Here are a few simple tips for developing and executing a social media strategy for your business in 2018:

Combine Quality and Quantity

There seems to always be an argument on quality over quantity in the digital marketing world, but when it comes to social media, it is important to combine both to benefit the most. Providing consistent content for your audience is important. However, your content also needs to fit the quality of your brand. Depending on the social media platform you choose to utilize, the amount of posting you do may vary. Twitter users, for example, need to post a few times a day, whereas Facebook users may only need to post once a day.

Scheduling Social Media

For some businesses, staying on social media 24/7 isn’t quite possible. Luckily, there are ways to schedule your posts on social media. Facebook, for example, allows you to schedule posts right from Facebook. Other platforms may benefit from using social media scheduling apps. Regardless, these tools can help plan your social media posts and keep everything online consistent.

Learn About Your Audience

A lot of companies blindly try to appeal to their audience in the online world. However, it is very important to learn about your customers and audience first. Understanding when they are online can be extremely important to getting engagement with your social media posts. Facebook and Instagram allow you to view this data via their platform. For Twitter, we recommend using certain social media management apps to view when your audience is online.

Engage Your Audience

A lot of times, asking your audience to engage is a great way to boost your post’s visibility. This can be done by asking questions, requesting them to tag a friend or even asking them to post a picture of their own. It is also important to engage with your followers after you have posted. Be sure to like their comments and always respond, even if it is just a simple “Thanks.”

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Why Quality Beats Quantity in Content Marketing

For many years, you could slap some text on a page, optimize the meta tags, and you were sure to get some rankings. Fortunately for consumers and users of the internet, this practice has been squashed by Google and other search engines over the years. As search engines become smarter, it is important that your website has more quality content and less filler that we’ve seen in the past. So, what exactly is your business supposed to do about producing quality content?

Content Marketing Tips

Regardless of types of websites you visit on the internet today, you pretty much constantly see content and marketing messages. This has resulted in businesses, and even some marketing agencies, to produce copious amounts of low-quality content in an attempt to stay relevant. This, in theory, seems like a great idea when trying to compete in an environment where there is constant content for consumers to look through; however, recent research has shown that content with higher “bounce rates” tend to result in lower rankings.

So what exactly can you do to ensure customers don’t bounce and actually read your content? Make your content worth reading and create the correct content for your target audience. For example, if you own a vegan restaurant, chances are your customers don’t want to learn about meat or recipes that contain meat. It is important to deliver your content consistently and also in a way that lets you reach your audience in the most efficient way possible.

How to Create Quality Content

Most companies spend a lot of time informing potential customers about their brand or bragging about accomplishments. While this is necessary for some marketing efforts, your content should still provide something useful to your target audience. Here are some questions to ask yourself:

  • Am I teaching them something?
  • Am I telling them a story?
  • Is my content enriching?
  • Does my audience feel like they’ve gained something?
  • Does my content leave them wanting to know more about my company?

Chances are, if you keep these things in mind when creating content, you will provide quality, engaging content for the audience you are targeting, bringing them back time and time again.

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