4 Holiday Marketing Prep: 4 Tips for Email And Social Media

One thing all small businesses know or should be aware of is the amount of competition that opens up during the holiday season. Bigger corporations feel comfortable with unleashing a broad spectrum of different marketing tactics such as commercials, billboards, newspaper flyers, magazines, and more.

However with a small business, success around the holidays means starting a bit earlier, and thanks to the power of social media and email marketing, this task can be a lot less daunting than you think. The following list is comprised of four tips for email and social media that can really generate the business you need to keep moving forward into the new year.

Develop a schedule to help build holiday momentum

Momentum is crucial in determining whether or not this year’s holiday season is one worth celebrating. The best way to start gaining this momentum is by creating a schedule that maps out the weeks and months leading up to the highly profitable season. Specific goals for certain days and specific holidays based on your business and customer base are all things that need to be included when generating this schedule.

Pay attention to what your fans, followers, and readers really want this year

Making sure your business is part of your customers holiday plans, you’re going to need content that they actually care about and want. This point is important all throughout the year but especially during the holidays when your customers are bombarded with additional content from other businesses. One way to get around this is by using a survey to collect customer feedback well before the holiday season and using that feedback to improve the content you sent out.

Be a resource, not just a sales pitch

It’s important to remember that the holiday season can be a source of great stress for your customers. Don’t add to that stress with overwhelming sales content. Instead of just handing over a sales pitch, be a resource. Resources as simple as advice for preparing their shopping list, or even tips for throwing a dinner party, it all counts and will be seen as a great help.

We at Adit strive to be an additional help to our smaller business customers and are always looking for ways that we can make your job easier. Let us help you with email and social media management this holiday season! Send us an email to get started.

Social Media Advertising & Cannabis

Are you thinking about or have already started a cannabis company? Realize that advertising your new business and products is quite difficult online? Although more and more states in the United States are legalizing marijuana (especially medical cannabis), many advertising platforms don’t actually allow you to pay to advertise on their networks, implementing restrictions. So how exactly are you supposed to reach customers online if promotions aren’t allowed?


When it comes to digital marketing, Google is probably the first company that comes to mind. For cannabis companies, however, Google policy does not allow for the promotion of dangerous “products or services”, which include recreational drugs, whether they are chemical or herbal. It is completely possible however to optimize your cannabis website organically to find customers that are searching online.


When it comes to social media advertising, Facebook is highly popular. Unfortunately, Facebook policy does not allow that promotion of any illegal or recreational drugs. This doesn’t mean however that your business cannot make posts about cannabis! If you search on Facebook for marijuana or cannabis, you’ll see tons of organic results.

When it comes to advertising your cannabis company on Facebook, just make sure to post engaging, worthwhile content that receives attention, seeing as you can’t pay to get it!


Another one of the highly popular social media platforms, Twitter also does not allow the promotion of:

  • Illegal drugs
  • Recreational drugs
  • Herbal drugs
  • Drug paraphernalia
  • Drug dispensaries
  • Depictions of hard drug use

Due to these policies, cannabis companies are also not allowed to promote on the Twitter platform. However, searching marijuana or cannabis does yield organic results. Make sure your content is engaging as attracting customers will be more difficult without paid advertising.

Pinterest, YouTube, Snapchat, Reddit?

Much like the other social media platforms, Reddit, YouTube, Snapchat, and Pinterest all also have policies against the paid promotion of cannabis and cannabis-related products. Pinterest does, however, allow for paid promotion of “Hemp CBD” which contains no THC.

Get Cannabis Digital Marketing Today

Not sure how exactly to market your cannabis company online? Contact Adit today! We provide a range of services which can help you find more customers online.

Instagram Ads: Running Your Own Ad Campaign

Since Instagram exploded on the social network scene in May 2010, it has made a quantum leap. By the end of June 2018, the trendy site welcomed 1 billion active monthly users. Visitors enjoy the visual landscape that video and photo-sharing provide.

With 1 billion images posted daily, and an enormous stash of billions of photos currently in existence, Instagram captures what’s going on in innovative ways . . . thanks to the dawning of smartphones.

Instagram Ads

It was not surprising when Facebook took over the site back in 2012. This shrewd move launched the beginning of Instagram ads. Sponsored posts on Instagram are set up much like Facebook ads. In fact, brands including Mercedes-Benz, Taco Bell, and Chobani have all run successful campaigns on the popular mobile platform.

Although each of these brands is vastly different, their Instagram ads have a few things in common, and they all perform well. The following are five factors that make for an effect Instagram ad:

  • Shape Your Ad Around Your Marketing Structure

    Like all forms of digital advertising, Instagram ads should continue your marketing approach. The ads should align with your brand premise with a CTA that flows naturally with your brand. Use Instagram ads to enhance existing social media campaign objectives.

    Research what your competitors are doing. Look at the kinds of ads they are running and what CTAs they are using. It is also important to note the level of engagement they are achieving. A great way to research is to visit a competitor’s Instagram account and click-through to their mobile site. Also, consider how Instagram ads complement their other social media campaigns

  • Make Creative the Highlight of Your Campaign

    The most memorable Instagram ads entice users with a single captivating image. Creative is key to the call-to-action. One extraordinary photo will grab the viewers’ attention more than a collection of images. Experiment with images taken specifically for your Instagram campaigns. Trying using tight product shots, close crops, and interesting angles that impart motion and creative energy. This approach will generate curiosity in viewers and prompt them to click.

  • Keywords and Hashtags for Targeting

    Hashtags are the phrases following the # symbol. These isolated keywords help users to sort content by interests.

    Users and advertisers on Instagram add targeted hashtags, so their content shows up in key searches. When a viewer taps a hashtag, the user is directed to a page displaying creative tagged with that hashtag. Therefore, it is important to map out your hashtags carefully. Select keywords relevant to your brand, user interests, and product categories when including hashtags in your content.

  • Review Social Media Statistics

    Use social media tracking data to see which posts are performing best. Social media statistics also display the which times, and days your posts receive the most clicks, views, and shares. This tracking data is a useful tool for building an effective Instagram ad campaign.

    These statistics also allow you to examine which offers appeal most to Instagram users. Favorable content on other social media sites is likely to appeal to followers on Instagram as well.

  • Use A/B Testing

    There is much to be learned from testing your ads. After your benchmark ad is the establishment, run experimental ads against it and analyze the results. Examine what factors improve the rate, whether it be the timing, offer, creative or the audience, using a basic A/B split test to test one ad against another. Use the data to rejuvenate your ad campaign, repeating the test with new benchmarks until you the response doesn’t budge any higher.

Have Your Instagram Ads Tell a Captivating Story

Human beings love stories, especially visual tales that evoke emotion. That is what makes Instagram feeds so appealing to viewers. Whether you post one image per hour that showcases your product story, or a short video clip or slideshow that shares unique insights, content marketing on Instagram is about storytelling.

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