12 March 2017

3 Myths About Digital Marketing Explained

3 Myths About Digital Marketing Explained

Once in a while, we come across businesses that have misconceptions about online marketing and how it can help (or harm) their business. Unfortunately, because of these misconceptions, these businesses either miss out on a good digital marketing program that can grow their client base, or follow the wrong digital marketing strategy for their business. For that reason, we’ve compiled a few of the most common myths about digital marketing we’ve encountered.

Myth #1: Having a website is good enough.

Many businesses that don’t have an established website believe that simply having one made is a great way to establish their brand and their products/services online. However, a significant percentage of these same businesses believe that a website is all they need to have a good presence online and to attract customers. It’s important to know that a good website shouldn’t be handled with an “if you build it, they would come” mentality. It takes more than a great-looking website to get the ROI you’re looking for. Hundreds to even thousands of companies in your industry are competing with you online; you’ve got to do more than look pretty to stand out in the digital world these days. Your site should provide valuable, updated content in order to remain relevant to your target market; if you don’t do at least that, your target audience will likely not discover you.

Myth #2: An SEO strategy will instantly increase my ranking to the first page.

An SEO strategy is essentially a long-term process; there’s no such thing as an SEO strategy that immediately gets results. In fact, it may take up to 3 months before you start seeing results from a good SEO strategy. Why? SEO is only one of many factors that affect your company’s visibility and ranking online. However, don’t take this to mean that SEO isn’t important; it’s actually one of the most important digital marketing strategies offered by marketers. While it may take some time before you get the results you want, once you’re there, you’re likely going to stay there. By that we mean that once your ranking improves to the first page, chances are as long as you’re continuing to use good SEO practices and providing valuable and updated content to your visitors, you’ll be there for quite a while, visible to potential customers who are looking for businesses like you.

Myth #3: I have a steady client base already, so I don’t need to invest in marketing.

We’ve never come across a business that didn’t want to continue to grow, even if they have a decent client base already established. That being said, if you’re reading this blog, chances are you’re probably looking to grow your business too. No matter how small or big your business, even a small investment in marketing can help you grow; by marketing, you’re essentially putting your company in front of your target market.

Now that we’ve debunked a few of these myths, you’re now armed with the right knowledge when it comes to these digital marketing misconceptions. Don’t let these myths lead you astray from the best marketing strategy for your business. If you need help with marketing, let’s talk: 832.583.9783. We’ll help you be more informed about digital marketing for your company!

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