Antoine Dental

Antoine Dental Center is a huge 25 operatory practice located in Houston, TX. Dr. Behzad Nazari wanted to build a website that spoke volumes about Antoine’s service. We first started off by focusing on Antoine Dental’s 2000+ 5-Star reviews. We wanted to show as many testimonial videos as possible to potential patients.

Furthermore, Antoine Dental targeted a lot of cash patients. For that reason, we brought focus to their Free New Patient Exam and all of the other specials Antoine Dental has.

Lastly, a slider that shows how nice and big the practice is was key. We also added a gallery of all of the images of the practice.


Deductions: Antoine Dental is located in an area that has more than three practices offering Free New Patient Exam specials. Based on this, we concluded that there are a lot of fee-for-service patients and that the area is a very price conscious area. Also, Antoine Dental runs a lot of TV ads, so we knew they could pull patients from a larger area.

Strategy: We targeted patients in the general Houston area by targeting keywords like “Dentist in Houston.” We also brought to focus their Free New Patient Exam to price-compete with surrounding competitors. Most importantly, we focused on bringing to focus their 2000+ 5-Star reviews to make them stand out from the competition.

Results: We rank top 5 for the keyword “Dentist in Houston” and number one for “dentist near me” (within a 5-mile radius of their practice). Antoine Dental books more than 150 patients from Adit’s efforts online.

Antoine Dental Center