How Texting Is Changing Business

In the past, businesses seeking to reach out to current and potential clients had to rely on traditional marketing means such as flyers, brochures, and mainstream media. With the advent of the Internet, other forms of communication, such as email marketing and social media, came up. Thanks to the increased uptake of smartphones, texting has emerged as yet another powerful communication channel. As a practice owner looking to gain traction and attract paying patients, texting should be on your communication channels list.

Did you know that text messages or texting is the most commonly used smartphone feature? Numerous reputable studies have shown that texting is the most preferred form of communication among Americans younger than 50. Statistic Brain reports that 301,312 texts are sent every second in the United States. In addition, the Pew Research Center revealed that 97 percent of smartphone owners text regularly. These staggering numbers point to the extensive possibilities and opportunities that become available to any business or practice that adopts business texting as a communication mode.

How to Leverage Texting for Your Practice

As marketing transitions into the digital age, communication with patients has transitioned from fax and calls to emails and texts. As this becomes more apparent, having the right systems in place can open up your business to unlimited growth potential. As far as dental offices and other healthcare providers, texting can help you maintain the all-important rapport and open communication lines between you and your patients. After all, you want to be in touch with your patients when they need you and send necessary information in a timely fashion without worrying about being lost in the spam folder.

Communication in a medical practice can be grouped into three broad categories:

  • Appointment reminders
  • Appointment confirmation
  • Patient recall

As a dental or medical practice owner, you already know that your marketing messages are only useful if they reach the intended audience. Research shows that email open rates are at an unimpressive low of 20%, while SMS open rates are as high as 98%. What’s more, most people respond to a text message within 90 seconds while email responses take as long as 90 minutes.
While emails remain a hugely popular channel to reach your patients, it’s clear that text messages are more effective in terms of bypassing the noise and delivering your message directly to your audience.

What Adit Can Do For You

With an effective communication system in place, you can focus on what matters—serving your patients and growing your practice. At Adit, we have carefully designed numerous products that will help you modernize your office and reach your patients effectively. We provide innovative, custom solutions for every challenge that your practice may be facing.

Engage is Adit’s innovative patient texting platform for the modern-day practice that is keen on engaging its patients effectively and effortlessly. Engage meets your practice’s communication needs by connecting you to your patients in real-time.

Engage is HIPAA compliant and allows two-way texting. This way, your patients can easily reach you and respond to your messages. If you always spend a significant amount of time making follow-up phone calls, Adit’s Engage can ease this workload, allowing you to focus more on care-related matters.

If you’ve been struggling to engage your patients, Adit can help you overcome this hurdle. With Engage, you get to reach your patients through a channel that is both comfortable and convenient for them. From millennials to older patients, Engage gives you the right platform to attract and keep your patients’ attention. Better engagement translates into enhanced customer experience and increased patient retention. These directly correlate to your practice’s growth, and with a bigger and better practice, you have more opportunities to serve more people while meeting their needs efficiently.

Are you struggling to keep your patients engaged? Are your emails and phone calls to your patients going unanswered? Would you like to change how you communicate with your patients? If you answered yes, Adit is the ally you need to achieve transformation for your practice.

At Adit, we offer a complementary solution to your modern-day needs. Sign up for Engage—our free patient communication application—and start growing your practice.

Sign up at https://adit.com

The Importance of Reviews and How to Generate More with Pozative

Many years ago, potential clients seeking to know more about a particular brand or business had to rely on personal referrals and recommendations from friends and family. In today’s Internet age, personal recommendations have been replaced by online reviews. Did you know that approximately 9 out of 10 consumers trust an online review as much as a personal recommendation? What’s more, more than 90 percent of consumers reported that they’d avoid a business because of a negative review.

As a dentist, maintaining a positive online reputation is critical. If people are saying bad things about you online, your reputation and brand will suffer quite the hit. After all, nobody wants to visit a dentist that they cannot trust.

As far as online reviews go, one of the gravest mistakes that most dentists make is feeling content with minimal reviews. If you have fewer than 20 reviews on any given platform, then you’re not impactful enough; in regards to establishing trust and credibility with online reviews, quantity matters as much as quality.

How do you ensure a delicate balance between the two?

Allow me to introduce you to Pozative—a cutting edge tool by Adit that allows you to build your online visibility and reputation through authentic, positive reviews by real patients. Pozative is one of the many dental-specific modules of technology that Adit has created to enhance the way you run your dental practice. This technology seamlessly integrates with your practice management system to automatically deliver a text message that prompts your patients to review your dental practice after each visit. This way, you can generate more positive reviews for your practice on the platforms that you’re looking to get noticed on.

Why Online Reviews Matter

Online Reviews Boost Your Visibility

Online reviews start and sustain a conversation around your brand. When ranking and indexing dental practices, Google and other search engines are more likely to position you favorably if you have a high number of positive online reviews. According to Moz, one of the largest SEO databases in the world, online company reviews are estimated to make up to 10 percent of the criteria for how Google displays search results.

Reviews Build Trust and Credibility

Positive online reviews are a powerful tool when it comes to building your brand’s online identity. If your current and previous patients are saying great things about you, then new and potential patients are more inclined to trust you and the services you offer.

Social Proof Drives Sales

People are more likely to visit your dental practice if other people agree that you’re worth a visit. Positive online reviews ensure that your potential patients get the thumbs up or reinforcement that they need to pick the phone and book an appointment with you.

How Pozative Works

Pozative is a simple-to-use yet highly powerful tool that can help you change how patients view your practice. If you want to convert search engine users into paying patients, Pozative is the right addition for your dental practice.

When you sign up for Pozative, you get access to an application that allows you to send quick, customized texts to your patients as soon as they check out of your premises. Once you request a review, you’ll be able to see if the patient has viewed your text or reviewed your practice. Adit’s Pozative technology will post positive reviews to the online platforms of your choice while simultaneously collecting negative feedback that will be sent back to you privately without ever being posted online.

Pozative comes with a user-friendly dashboard that gives you quick access to all relevant stats and reports. Pozative also allows you to connect with your patients beyond reviews by enabling you to send custom messages for campaigns, promotions, and upcoming events.

With our bulk message feature, you can send multiple messages at once. You can also select to send bulk messages to a specific group of patients, e.g., new patients.

Are you an outstanding dental practice that wants to reach the right audience? If you’re currently struggling with online visibility, it may be because you’re not making use of positive feedback. Adit can help you go from obscure to well-known and preferred. We want the world to know about all the fantastic services that you have to offer.

This one is on the house, free of charge!

Create your complimentary Pozative account here https://adit.com/pricing/

Adit Electronic Patient Forms in a Post-COVID Era

The prevailing global pandemic has forced us to rethink how we do business. From department stores to restaurants and healthcare practices, we’ve all had to adapt and innovate on our feet. As experts continue to issue public advisories, many individuals have become increasingly wary of anything that places them at risk of contracting the coronavirus. This includes being in close contact with objects or people who might expose them to the virus.

As a dental or medical practice, how do you ensure that you retain your patients’ trust and confidence and serve them without putting anyone at risk?

Healthcare providers, including dentists, medical spas, primary care centers, and other relevant parties, must adopt strategic measures in response to patient and staff needs. Digitizing your operations in this COVID era is the best way to ensure continuity during and beyond the pandemic. One of the quickest and yet impressively effective ways of digitizing your practice is through electronic patient forms.

Whether you’re onboarding a new patient or seeing a returning one, patient forms are integral to all medical practices. By choosing electronic patient forms, you stand to gain numerous benefits, many of which are passed to the patient.

Benefits of Electronic Patient Forms

Are you considering switching to electronic patient forms? Maybe the statistics coming out of the pandemic might jolt you into action. Since the outbreak of COVID-19, there has been a steep decline in cash transactions and ATM withdrawals, by 40 percent and 90 percent, respectively. This tells you that people worldwide are consciously choosing to forego any undertakings that might put them at risk of infection. It’s reasonable to expect this caution to extend beyond the pandemic.

As a dental or medical practice, electronic patient forms offer numerous, significant advantages, including:

Enhanced Efficiency and Patient Satisfaction

We can all agree that nobody likes long waiting times and that filling patient forms at every visit is frustrating and draining. With electronic patient forms, your patients can supply relevant information before their appointment at their convenience. This way, you’ll have all the pertinent information you need to prepare for the appointment. The result is enhanced workflow efficiency, shorter treatment times, and increased patient satisfaction.

Ease of Sharing and Collaboration

If your dental or medical practice has several health professionals who need to work collaboratively, then you need a system that supports this. Electronic patient forms are easier to share, and your patients and staff don’t have to walk around your practice carrying a bunch of papers. When all health or dental professionals can view a patient’s complete information, they get a comprehensive view of the patient, which significantly improves their professional interaction.

Accuracy of Data Captured

Sometimes, patients may struggle to provide or remember the correct information when filling physical forms in the waiting rooms. With electronic patient forms, your patients are in a better position to supply accurate information since they can cross-check any details at their convenience, e.g., by referring to past treatment documents and prescriptions, etc.

What’s more, with electronic patient forms, you don’t need your office staff to transcribe any patient data from one format to another. This further eliminates the room for error, thus ensuring only accurate information is captured in your database.

Safety and Security

Physical forms can get lost or end up in the wrong hands. Electronic patient forms offer a greater degree of security since you can put in place security controls to guarantee the privacy and integrity of patient information. Please note that electronic patient forms must be HIPAA compliant, or else your practice might end up attracting legal battles and incurring hefty penalties. Adit Patient Forms are made with the healthcare industry in mind and are HIPAA compliant.

Less Paperwork

Less paperwork means that you don’t have to worry about printing and scanning costs. You also will not have to lose sleep over physical storage space, since everything is stored electronically.

How Adit Can Help

If you’re ready to switch from traditional paper forms to electronic patient forms, we encourage you to reach out to Adit right away. Adit’s Patient Forms are what you require to modernize your practice today.

Here’s what Adit can do for you:

  • Automate your front desk tasks by converting your current forms to an electronic version. You can choose to build your custom forms from scratch or choose one of our pre-built templates.
  • Integrate your electronic forms with your practice management software. This way, data submitted by your patients via the electronic forms is directly populated in your PMS/EHR software.
  • Create forms that are accessible via any device for your patients’ convenience. We build your patient forms in any version you require, be it desktop-friendly, tablet-friendly, or mobile-friendly.
  • Enable review of submissions. We know that patients may sometimes inadvertently send inaccurate or incomplete information. We give you the option of reviewing patient forms before importing it to your PMS/EHR.

Adit Patient Forms also give you the option of choosing to enable eSign, a capability that allows your patients to sign their forms electronically. We utilize military encryption to safeguard the integrity of the data shared via Patient Forms.

Do you want to digitize your practice by making electronic patient forms a part of your operations? Contact Adit today and let us get you started on the process of transforming your patient experience.

Measured Results with Dynamic Call Tracking and ROI Reporting

As a dentist operating in today’s fast-paced and competitive environment, you already know the importance of online presence. Reaching out to the millions of potential patients in the online world is key. It’s with this knowledge in mind that many dental practices are setting aside substantial budgets for digital marketing efforts. But is it enough to be visible? Hardly. Getting your dental practice noticed is the first step, but the crucial end goal is to ensure your efforts pay off with regards to patient acquisition.

As a dental or medical practitioner, you must clearly define the metrics you wish to use to measure your marketing campaign. Ad clicks, visits to your website, and calls to your practice are indicators of gaining the potential patients’ attention. However, the real measure of success is how many patients you acquire via your marketing campaigns.

Peter Drucker, a famous Australian-American management guru, put it aptly when he said that “you can’t manage, what you can’t measure. To achieve your desired marketing outcomes, you must be clear on how to quantify progress.

Here at Adit, we’re passionate about data-driven analytics. Our goal is to help dental and medical practices make informed decisions by providing detailed call tracking and ROI analytics. We want to empower you to run focused and intentional marketing campaigns so that you can get your money’s worth.

Data-Driven Decision Making for Practice Growth

It’s natural to wonder whether your marketing campaigns are gaining traction and giving you the desired outcomes. With Adit, you don’t have to make guesses. We provide you detailed insights and information to drive your decision-making process. Thanks to our insightful call tracking and ROI analytics, you know which leads are converting. This information is useful in planning future marketing endeavors as well as projecting strategic growth.

Our platform integrates with your EHR and keeps track of inbound and outbound communication. This way, you have a clear, real-time view of:

  • Patient Revenue

Our platform enables you to consolidate all revenues earned from a single patient.

  • Patient Source

Our call tracking and online scheduling capabilities allow you to trace the source of your patients. This way, you get to know whether a patient found you via a Google Ad or Facebook Ad, etc.

  • Marketing Expenditure

Our platform integrates seamlessly with your marketing platforms, allowing you to keep track of your various marketing expenses.

  • ROI Reporting

Since you’re tracking the revenue earned from each patient vs. the expenses spent on gaining that patient (acquisition cost), you can easily calculate your return on investment (ROI).

Thanks to this insightful data, you can optimize or eliminate marketing channels depending on their effectiveness or ineffectiveness. After all, you want to get the best bang for your buck. Thanks to our robust tracking and analytics software, you can say goodbye to making stabs in the dark and hello to data-directed decision making.

What Can You Expect?

By choosing Adit, you can expect to work with numbers that matter. The number of website visitors, clicks, and impressions don’t matter if they’re not translating into real revenue. As a practice, your focus should be on the revenue generated as a percentage of your marketing expenditure. Only then can you find out if you’re targeting the right audience the right way.

One way we’ll help you understand if your marketing efforts are paying off is by determining the source of your calls. We can help you establish the origin of your new patients. A simple yet effective strategy in call tracking involves dynamic number placement. In simple terms, this is showing different numbers to patients, depending on how they find you. As such, you’ll know that calls coming in via telephone number X originate from Facebook Ads, while those patients calling you via telephone number Y found you through an organic Google Search.

Thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI), you can go a step further and determine which of your calls convert. If a patient books an appointment slot, the call counts as a conversion. The AI capability can filter out calls from current patients, telemarketers, job applicants, and other irrelevant categories.

Empowering Your Front Desk

Is your front desk unknowingly sabotaging your campaign efforts? On average, more than 80 percent of all lead calls are mishandled by the front desk. If your front desk is missing calls, diagnosing patients rather than booking them and sharing pricing information arbitrarily, then this can only be described as self-sabotage.

Adit’s call tracking software helps you to identify these issues and find a solution to the same.

Are your marketing campaigns paying off? Which marketing channels have proven most effective in getting new patients? Are you targeting the right audience? Adit has the answers you seek, and more. Contact us today to experience dynamic call tracking and ROI reporting for robust practice growth.

4 Dental Internet Marketing Strategies For 2018

Are you trying to find more patients for your dental practice? Traditional advertising methods such as yellow pages, billboards, and radio ads not generating the leads they used to? In 2018, your digital footprint as a practice owner is more important than ever. With most consumers turning to the internet to search for businesses, even those in the dental industry are affected. Today at Adit, our digital marketing agency for dentists is covering 4 dental internet marketing strategies you should be implementing in 2018!

Create a Compelling Website

When it comes to being found on the internet, one of the most important tools is your website! As search becomes more and more important, so does the quality of your website. Not only are customers interested in a website that functions properly and looks great, but search engines like Google are also taking notice. In 2018, your dental practice website should be responsive and working on any kind of device a potential patient may have, including their desktop computer, laptop, tablet, and even smartphone. Those with websites that are not mobile friendly are finding themselves lower and lower on the search engine rankings.

Content is another very important part of your website, with both search engines and customers expecting to see a lot of informative content. We suggest optimizing the content of your dental practice website to include all of your services along with lots of keywords notifying your potential patients and the search engines exactly where you are located. Be sure to use headers, bullet points, and short paragraphs to ensure customers understand the important information and are able to quickly scan to gain the information they need.

For photography, in 2018 having quality imagery is more important than ever. We recommend ditching the super generic stock photography and hiring a professional photographer that can really make the imagery on your dental practice website shine.

Start Reputation Management

Do you know what your patients are saying about you and your dental practice online? In 2018, your dental practice’s online reputation is more important than ever. More and more customers are turning to the internet to read reviews and testimonials by real patients and customers, with over 75% of consumers saying that they trust online reviews as much as a personal recommendation from a friend.

Certain tools, such as Pozative by Adit, allow dental practice owners to easily, and automatically request reviews from their patients once they have completed treatment. In the event that one of your patients has negative feedback, prior to it being published for the world to see, Pozative will let you know, allowing you to remediate the issue before the review is public.

Be Active on Social Media

Are you engaging in the online conversation about your dental practice and services? Social media has become more and more popular over the years, with new platforms popping up from time to time. Taking part in social media and the online conversation about your dental practice can be highly important for increasing local brand awareness, keeping your patients informed about your dental practice and even finding new patients.

We recommend that you post consistently and ensure that your content is worth viewing. This doesn’t mean you have to post 10 times a day. However, you should try to stick to some sort of schedule, so that your followers will know when to expect to see new posts.

Utilizing social media for specials and discounts can be a great way to get more likes and keep people interested in what you have to say.

Get Website Traffic

When it comes to increasing online traffic on your dental practice’s website, there are actually two important strategies we suggest here at Adit. Search Engine Optimization can be a great tactic for organically reaching potential customers for your dental practice, which involves optimizing your practice website to be more relevant to the search engines. Pay Per Click is a tactic that involves creating ads that are displayed on search engines and other websites to attract potential patients. However, you only pay when a potential patient clicks one of your ads.

Start Dental Digital Marketing with Adit Today

Are you interested in improving your dental practice’s digital marketing strategy for 2018? Feel free to contact Adit to learn more about our various digital marketing services for dentists. We provide various dental internet marketing services, including web design, search engine optimization, social media management, and even reputation management.

The Top 4 2018 Digital Marketing Trends for Dentists

In 2018, it is more important than ever to have your dental practice online. Research shows that about 85% of consumers (potential patients included) turn to the internet when it comes to making a decision about their purchases, including medical and even dental care. It is also important to make sure you are following the trends in digital marketing, Google, Bing and other platforms are constantly updating their algorithms, making it important to know what will and will not work. At Adit, we specialize in all things digital marketing and make it our mission to stay on top of all the digital marketing trends to ensure each of our clients is thriving.

With each algorithm update Facebook, Instagram, Google, and even Bing makes typically has big changes for the way digital marketing works. While social bookmarking, link building and even keyword stuffing used to be the perfect solution for dominating the internet, in 2018 these are great ways to get yourself manually penalized. Today, we’re discussing the top 4 2018 digital marketing trends for dental practices:

Being Mobile Ready

Since the iPhone first debuted in 2007, there has been a demand for websites to also display nicely on mobile devices. Each year, however, this demand grows and grows. In 2018, it is more important than ever for your website to be mobile ready and responsive. Customers are looking for websites that look great on any device, whether it is their desktop, laptop, tablet or even mobile phone. Google, Bing, and other search engines are looking for these websites as well!

At Adit, every website we create for our dental clients is designed to be responsive and beautiful on every single type of device, ensuring that you remain relevant on search engine results. Although in years past, having a mobile-specific website was the way to go, in 2018 it is important to have a responsive website that automatically changes depending upon the device it is being viewed on. This ensures that every visitor has the same experience, no matter what device they are using to search for a new dental practice. Websites that are not responsive will start to rank poorly, making them less visible to potential patients.

Having Real, Positive Reviews

Do you know what your patients are saying about your dental practice online? In 2018, reviews are also more important than ever, those with more positive reviews are now being seen as more relevant. When you partner with Adit for your dental digital marketing needs, Pozative is included.

Pozative is a review management platform that allows your dental practice to automatically request reviews from your patients following their treatment at your practice. In the event a patient has negative feedback, you are actually informed before it ever reaches the internet, allowing you to handle any problems before they become public knowledge.

With Pozative, your dental practice can easily get new, positive reviews, making you more relevant to the search engines.

Text > Voice

How do your patients schedule an appointment at your dental practice? In 2018, as more millennials become adults, it is extremely important to make sure your potential patients can contact you in more ways than just one. Voice is becoming a thing of the past. More and more customers are looking for ways to book appointments online or through their phone without ever having to talk to someone at your practice.

At Adit, we make sure that your potential patients have many ways to reach you for an appointment, making sure that even those that prefer alternative methods can schedule an appointment at your practice.

Fresh, Unique Content

In 2018, content has become even more important than ever when it comes to digital marketing. For many years, publishing a few pages stuffed with keywords was enough to get you seen on the internet. However, in 2018, search engines and even customers are looking for fresh, unique content.

When you partner with Adit for your dental digital marketing needs, we make sure that you have fresh, new content on your website each month. This content is designed to inform your patients while also making you more relevant to search engines like Google and Bing.

Start Your Dental Digital Marketing Today

Want to make sure your dental practice is up-to-date on the latest digital marketing trends for dentists in 2018? Contact Adit today to learn more about how our dental digital marketing can help your practice find more patients.

Dental Digital Marketing: How & Why?

When it comes to attracting new patients for your dental practice, which tactics are you currently utilizing? For many dentists, they invest in traditional methods such as yellow pages, TV ads, billboards, and even radio ads. While these methods can be somewhat useful, in 2018, it is more important than ever to be advertising online as well.

Notice your practice is attracting fewer customers than previous years? In this day and age, most people are looking online when it comes to spending money, including their medical and dental care. For most consumers, yellow pages are a thing of the past! More and more potential patients are also moving away from traditional mediums like television and radio, opting for new online services such as Netflix, Hulu, and Pandora. So what exactly can you do to make sure your advertising is on par with the competition in your area? Try digital marketing for dentists!

Digital Marketing Brings Quicker Return on Investment

Notice that your traditional forms of advertising aren’t providing the same return-on-investment that they used to? While traditional advertising methods, such as newspapers, yellow pages, TV, and radio ads can raise brand awareness in your local community, these methods are no longer as effective for immediate action any longer. In 2018, about 85% of consumers turn to the internet when making a purchase, looking for reviews and information prior to making a decision.

With digital marketing, you can target patients that are actively looking for dental treatments. Search Engine Optimization, for example, works by increasing your relevancy on search engines, allowing patients to find you when searching for keywords such as “looking for dentists”, “dentist near me” and many more! Pay Per Click advertising, on the other hand, allows you to pay to ensure your ad is being seen when potential patients search for these keywords. If a patient clicks on your advertisement, you are charged per click. Both of these forms of digital marketing can be an excellent option for targeting patients that are actually looking to receive dental treatment.

Digital Marketing Reaches the Right Patients

Are you still only utilizing traditional advertising methods to reach your potential customers? Chances are you aren’t even reaching them! When it comes to newspaper, TV and even radio advertisements, many businesses will reach:

  • Patients that already have a trusted dentist in your community.
  • People who are not interested in professional dental care.
  • Patients who already visit your dental practice.
  • Patients that are not currently looking for a new dentist.

As mentioned above, when you utilize digital marketing, it is very simple to target the patients you are interested in attracting, not wasting your money reaching people that aren’t even interested in visiting your dental practice.

Digital Marketing Allows for Direct Targeting

With digital marketing, you can even target more than just new, potential customers. With Pay Per Click advertising and other methods, you can actually reach out to previous patients or even people that have visited your website in the past to remind them that you are still attracting new patients.

Being able to target specific people is a wonderful option for being able to customize your message. You can target customers looking directly on search engines or even those that are visiting local websites for information about your community. With digital marketing it is easier to find the customers you are interested in and providing them with a customized advertisement, making them more likely to be your next dental patient.

How Does Online Marketing for Dentists Work?

At Adit, we are proud to provide a wide range of digital marketing services for dental practices. These services include:

Web Design/Development

Did you know your website is often your first impression on the internet? Adit can make sure that your website leaves the best impression possible on potential patients.

Search Engine Optimization

Are you being found when potential patients are searching online? With search engine optimization, Adit can increase the ranking of your website in search results to allow more potential patients to find your practice.

Pay Per Click

You shouldn’t have to pay when nobody is clicking on your ads. Pay Per Click advertising allows you to advertise to your target audience, and you only pay when the ads are actually clicked.

Social Media Marketing

Is your dental practice active in the online community? Adit can manage your presence on every social media outlet, allowing you to stay active and reach more patients.

Reputation Management

Do you know what your patients are saying about your practice online? Adit makes sure you are rewarded for your hard work satisfying patients by providing tools to encourage your patients to leave more positive reviews. If there are any complaints about your services, we make sure they get the attention they need without incurring a negative effect on your online presence.

Contact Adit Today for Digital Marketing for Dentists

Do you want to reach more patients with digital marketing for dentists? Contact our marketing experts at Adit today. We are ready to help!

What Digital Marketing Can Do for Your Dental Practice

Digital marketing has quickly become the backbone of all successful businesses today. Dental practices are no different. One edge that dentists today have against their competition is that many of their competitors have been slow to make changes and slow to adapt to the new digital wave of marketing.

Just a few decades ago, running a successful practice was as simple as buying one from a retiring dentist, who was likely the only dentist in the area. Back then, you’d be set for life! In today’s modern age, however, things aren’t that simple. The number of competing dentists has more than doubled since then, and marketing is the best way to gain an edge and succeed where others fail.

The economy can be difficult to ride; there will be winners, and there will be losers. Put your dental practice on the winning side by tapping into the limitless market of the internet!

But just how does digital marketing for your dental practice stack up against traditional marketing?

Digital Marketing vs. Traditional Marketing

Consider some traditional marketing strategies for dental practices that have been used throughout the years:

  • Yellow Pages advertisements
  • Radio Marketing
  • Television Commercials

Before digital marketing emerged as the powerhouse that it is today, Yellow Pages advertisements could have been enough. Today, though, most people throw their Yellow Pages away and turn to the internet to search for things they need.

Radio and television commercials seem good in theory as well, but they lack in one very important area that digital marketing excels: audience targeting.

In a mass commercial aired on the television or radio, you are broadcasting to a general audience that may or may not need a dentist. They most likely either have a dentist already or are simply not searching for one.

Now, let’s compare this to digital marketing. No other type of marketing excels at targeting niche audiences as digital marketing. You can target a user’s age, gender, and even interests. Your advertisements can be tailored for people who are most likely to be interested in your services and convert into a client.

The Benefits of Digital Marketing for Dentists

The benefits of digital marketing for your dental practice can be enormous. Let’s dive into just a few areas of benefits that you might not have fully expected or understood.


Some aspects of digital marketing can require a large investment upfront. Common advertising choices include pay-per-click (PPC) and AdWords. Both of these can be pricey, but when it comes to their return on investment (ROI), they can’t be beat.

Social Media Marketing

When it comes to marketing online, taking the social route can be highly-effective, depending on how you use it. Post a video to Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YouTube to get free advertisement. You can also run paid campaigns on these platforms to advertise a new promotion or your practice’s services. With so many people using social media for information, this is a great way to get noticed and build your practice’s brand recognition.

Get Found Easily on Search Engines — SEO

The best way to generate repeat clients and make more sales in any niche is through search engine optimization (SEO). Running a blog, posting about your business on other already-established blogs, and utilizing social media for your business, all increase your SEO effectiveness. This will rank your Dental practice higher on search engines. When a potential client types in the phrase “dentist near me”, you’ll be there!

The upside of this is hard to miss.

Email Marketing

Email marketing really is as simple as it sounds. If you can collect the email addresses of potential clients, you can create an audience that is more likely to visit your practice than anyone you could reach utilizing traditional print advertisements. Don’t waste your time chasing after the wind when digital marketing for your dental practice is easier than you would think. Not to mention it is far more effective.


Running a dental practice likely soaks up the majority of your time. It can be hard to bear down and focus on any form of advertisement. One complete solution to this problem is to outsource your digital marketing strategy to us! We can take care of all aspects of digital marketing for you.

We will rank your practice higher in search engines, write your blogs, spread awareness of your business on social media, as well as in other online high-traffic areas. We are experts at assisting dental practices in rising well above their competition. Give us a call today!

7 Dental Practice Internet Marketing Strategies to Double Traffic

So, you’ve finally launched your dental practice website? Having a hard time getting traffic to your website? In 2018, it is more important than ever to properly implement digital marketing strategies if you want to compete with the other dental practices in your area. At Adit, a local digital marketing agency for dentists we specialize in all things digital marketing and want to share some tips for local dental practices so that they can improve their online presence and double their dental website traffic. Here are 7 dental internet marketing strategies that your practice should be used to increase the traffic on your website:

Provide Infographics

When it comes to educating and informing patients, nothing works better than beautiful infographics. With infographics, your dental practice can provide maximum information in the smallest possible package. In the dental industry, there are plenty of interesting facts and statistics that people love to learn about which can be easily turned into an infographic. Infographics can be an excellent way to generate traffic on your site.

Create Videos

In 2018, videos are becoming more popular than ever! More and more consumers are interested in learning about products, services, and businesses through video, which can easily present information to potential patients. We recommend creating videos that educate patients about proper dental care, dental treatment options you offer and even a virtual tour of your office.

Start Guest Blogging

So, you are already blogging on your dental practice website, why on Earth would you also spend time writing blogs for another website? Guest posting can be an excellent way to reach a broader audience on another website, create links to your dental practice website and more you more relevant on search engines. When it comes to selecting a website to guest blog on, we recommend making sure it is a quality website that does not allow or promote spam. In the past, Google and other search engines have penalized these types of websites.

Optimize Your Website

Now you’ve got your website online finally, but how exactly are people supposed to find it? When it comes to showing up on search engines, optimizing is extremely important. Making sure that you look at things such as the title, meta, and header tags and include keywords can be highly important for being relevant in Google and other search engines eyes. Along with these tags, it is important to create content which is optimized for the keywords your potential patients are searching for along with any geographic locations you are interested in targeting. Images are another great way to optimize your website, we recommend including important keywords along with your geographic information.

Google My Business Optimization

Is it possible for your potential patients to find you through local searches? When it comes to showing up on Google search, it is important to make sure you have claimed and verified your Google My Business listing. Once you have claimed your dental practice listing on Google My Business, we also recommend optimizing your listing. Make sure that any contact information is correct, including your address, phone number, website, and even appointment URL. We recommend including a minimum of 5 optimized images (which include keywords + geographic location). Make sure you also monitor and respond to any reviews your previous patients have left you. Publishing content from your website to your Google My Business Listing can also be beneficial.

Pay Per Click Advertising

Want to make sure you show up when potential patients type in a specific keyword or phrase? Pay Per Click advertising, such as Google AdWords can be an excellent way to do just that. With Pay Per Click advertising, you only pay if a potential patient clicks your advertisement. Retargeting is also an extremely useful tool which allows your dental practice to target potential patients that have previously visited your website for a lot cheaper.

Be Active on Social Media

Do you know what your patients are saying about you on Facebook or the other social media networks? Being active on social media is essential in 2018. The regular activity allows you to keep your current patients up-to-date while also reaching a broader audience that may be interested in your services.

Start Dental Digital Marketing Today

Don’t have the time to implement these internet marketing strategies for dental practices? Feel free to contact Adit today to learn more about how we can help your practice improve its digital marketing strategy. We utilize all of the above dental practice internet marketing strategies and are experts in our industry.

Optimizing Google My Business for More Dental Patients

Are you attempting to reach more potential dental patients online? Not sure how to go about optimizing your Google My Business listing for your dental practice? In 2018, optimizing your dental practice website and business listing is more important than ever.

Why Digital Marketing?

When it comes to spending money, more and more consumers are turning to the internet before making any decisions, even when it comes to their dental care! When it comes to digital marketing, it is highly important if you want to make sure your dental practice is being found when potential patients are searching. People these days are using laptops, tablets, and even smartphones to look up information about businesses before they even visit the location.

Recent research about search engines and local business have determined that:

  • 78% of all online local searches result in an offline business conversion.
  • 50% of consumers perform searches when trying to find contact information for businesses, such as an address or even phone number.
  • 64% of consumers use major search engines such as Google and Bing to find local businesses.
  • 46% of searches that are conducted on Google are local searches.

Digital marketing is also a more direct form of advertising, allowing dental practices to target patients that are actively seeking dental treatment. Although billboards, newspaper ads and even mailing brochures can be effective, they often target patients that aren’t even looking for a dentist. Ultimately digital marketing has a better return-on-investment in comparison to a lot of other traditional marketing tactics.

About Google’s Local 3-Pack

Have you ever noticed that when you perform a local search, such as “dental practice near me”, there are Google My Business listings embedded into the search results? This is known as the “local 3-pack” and is displayed when Google notices that a search query has local intent.

This local 3-pack section is great for local business owners to have an advantage over national businesses that may not have a local presence. Wondering what qualifies as a “local search”?

  • Search terms that include a geographic reference such as a zip code, street name or even city.
  • Search terms that include “near me” or “nearby”.
  • Search queries that include services which are often provided by a local business, such as dental care.

Ensuring that your dental practice can be found in the local 3-pack on Google search is extremely important for finding new patients. If your practice doesn’t have a Google My Business profile, you have no chance of acquiring new patients online through local search. We recommend creating and optimizing your Google My Business profile as quickly as possible. Consumers can quickly contact your dental practice, read through positive reviews left by your patients, and even get directions straight to your dental practice.

How to Optimize a Dental Practice’s Google My Business profile

Once you have claimed your Google My Business listing, we ensure the address and phone number are local and permanent. The following steps can be taken to help increase the chances of your listing appearing in the local 3-pack:

  • Make sure you enter accurate data on your Google My Business listing, including your business name, contact number, website URL, appointment URL and even hours of operation. Having accurate information allows potential patients to reach you properly and increases your relevancy.
  • Make sure you select the correct primary and secondary categories for your dental practice. Your primary category is extremely important for helping Google quickly determine what business type you own. The secondary categories can be more treatment specific, informing potential patients of your exact specialties.
  • Verify your Google My Business listing for your dental practice. It typically takes 5-7 business days to receive your Google verification code through the mail which allows you to verify your business online.
  • Add a minimum of 5 photos that are relevant to your business and optimized. We recommend including both keywords and geographic location when optimizing any photos for your local listing.
  • Monitor, manage, and respond to any reviews on your Google My Business listing. Reviews are more important than ever in 2018, using a tool like Pozative, offered by Adit can help.
  • Make sure you share content from your dental practice website to your Google My Business using the post option. It can improve relevancy and increase brand awareness locally.

Get Dental Digital Marketing Today

Interested in attracting more dental patients through local searches? Contact Adit today to learn more about how our digital marketing for dentists can help your practice attract more patients online.

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