Avenue 33, Wordpress Development, Adit

Avenue 33 is a building company located in the heart of Calgary. They build upscale, modern lofts and condos that cater to the young working professionals that inhabit the inner city.

Avenue 33

Google Paid Ads: Initially we created a user profile that would indefinitely appeal to the standard demographic they are targeting. We leveraged creative photography that represented their ideal lifestyle that targeted those searching condos in Calgary. We didn’t reveal the price and requested information for pricing which helped reach a high number of leads. We also asked consumers for their budgets which helped narrow down quality leads from “dream shoppers”.

Facebook/Instagram Ads: With this same concept of concealing the price, we ran Facebook and Instagram ad campaigns to a much larger demographic of consumers and targeted them based on area and interest. We found that Facebook was able to generate a large number of quality leads at a fraction of Google Paid Ads. We simultaneously ran both ad campaigns on both platforms when the client realized the lead generation capabilities via social media.


The design of this website is geared towards presenting consumers with a modern and trendy lifestyle the Marda Loop area provides. The logo was inspired by a sign that directing people towards the right direction. In order to promote this entire area we used a simple color scheme of greys, whites, a gold yellow, and slanted lines and shapes to move the user from page to page. Most people coming to this site are looking for a nice space or apartments, so we complimented the beautiful photos with this unique form of branding.

Avenue 33