Blink Eyewear is a full-service optometry that offers eye care and eyewear solutions in Calgary, Alberta. With multiple locations, Blink Eyewear takes pride in providing patients with eye care that makes a visual difference in their quality of life.


Goal: Because Blink Eyewear had 4 locations within a specific quadrant of Calgary, our objective was to flood the entire area with Blink Eyewear Ads.

PPC: We leveraged ads on Search to target those patients looking for an optometrist, frames, or to book an eye exam. We used Facebook and Instagram ads to show consumers in the area the extensive collection of frames available at Blink Eyewear.

SEO: Blink Eyewear ranks page 1 for many keywords including “Optometrist NW Calgary.” Being on page 1 has really helped us generate a consistent amount of patients every month.

Results: Digital accounts for more than 400 patients booked every single month at Blink Eyewear. Enough said!

blink eyewear creative one
blink eyewear creative four
blink eyewear creative five


After creating their abstract eye-con (ha ha) for their logo, we stuck with a color palette that would set Blink apart from every Optometrist in Canada, not to mention the fully custom website. Going with the curves from the logo helped point users down the page, and we made sure to make it simple for them to find the multiple locations. Shapes and depth given to parts of the page allowed us to bring out important info as well as made the website come to life.

blink homepage