16 September 2015

Your Content Sells You

Your Content Sells You

In this day and age, the best marketing campaigns are interpreted to have all the bells and whistles in terms of aesthetically appealing graphics and videography. However, what tends to be overlooked, a detail that blends so well into the background that it tends to go unnoticed, is the brilliant content behind those marketing campaigns.


It is said that we are very much a visual generation, we see something we like and therefore we must obtain that thing to satisfy the consumer in us. Little do we know that even the greatest of efforts go into making simple, sticky catch phrases or scripts that are the determining factor to whether or not we genuinely want that product or service. The impact of persuasive and appealing content is almost subconscious in that respect, but when you do notice it, you see it all around.

The little jingle you hear on the radio beckoning you to join a specific insurance company, or the slick catchphrase you read on a visually pleasing television ads. All these indirect forms of content advertising are what puts those companies over the edge in terms of recognition. With recognition comes credibility and that is essentially what all consumers are looking for.

To create compelling content that is not only original, but able to engage consumers is tough to achieve. However, when it is achieved, it can move mountains for your business if executed in the right way.