Dental arts

Dental Arts Kew Gardens is a dental practice located in the Queens area of New York. Through their wide range of services, Dental Arts Kew Gardens makes it a goal to provide patients with comfortable and convenient dental care.


Background: To effectively market Dental Arts we had to understand their demographic and patient-base. First, we had to understand that most of their patients worked the majority part of the day in Manhattan and didn’t get home until the late hours. Second, we understood that because of the intense competition, many patients were looking for good deals when it came to exams and cleanings. Lastly, we observed that their area was a mix of different cultures and languages as well as social-economic status.

Strategy: As a result, we built a campaign heavily centered around letting patients know that Dental Arts Kew Gardens is open late hours and on weekends with promotions for patients looking for an exam, as well those patients looking for a specific procedure. We also brought out the fact that they had doctors and staff that spoke different languages.

SEO: We heavily focused on an SEO strategy for Dental Arts Kew Gardens with the goal of being at the top for keywords related to their neighborhood. Today, they rank top 3 for most keywords related to “dentist kew gardens.”

PPC: We ran a heavy targeting campaign to those LIVING within a 5-mile radius of the practice, targeting broad keywords having to do with dentistry.

Results: We tracked the campaigns using Call Tracking and Google Analytics. We discovered that Digital accounts for more than 80 patients were booked every single month! Dental Arts Kew Gardens has scaled from one dentist to five since starting their marketing campaign with us!


Dental Arts came to us with a logo they loved and wanted to brand their website with its artistic aspects heavily. We had a lot of fun with this one; incorporating the curves and painterly strokes into backgrounds and buttons, reiterating the tooth from their logo, and making the site pop with color. Standing out in New York is what it’s all about, and Dental Arts have a site that reflects their cosmetic approach to dentistry.

Dental arts