DetectaChem is a manufacturer for a variety of handheld threat & narcotic detection products. They offer user-friendly, reliable solutions for detecting trace explosives and narcotics on objects and people. Some of these solutions include their SEEKERe application, which works with their other SEEKER products for detection right from your smartphone. DetectaChem came to Adit to help spread awareness about this innovative application, and to gain more customers for their multiple products.


Goal: Build interest in their SEEKERe product by finding consumers looking for drug and bomb detection devices. Also, we wanted to target those (including parents) who would be interested in being able to detect trace drugs on fabrics, and other items, as well as people.

Strategy: Use a multitude of mediums to target customers for different products.

SEARCH: Leverage search to target those customers looking for bomb/drug detection devices. We ran SEO and SEM campaigns targetting these customers both in search and display.

DISCOVERY: We built a strategy based on targeting parents, police officers, medical professionals, and others who would be interested in inspecting people, fabrics, and items for drug contact/usage. We built engaging videos that show a quick snippet as to how the product works and encouraged consumers to watch the full demo which they could only do by filling out a contact form. We followed this up with marketing automation emails as well as a roboust retarget marketing camapign.


Detectachem needed their brand streamlined and old website cleaned up. Narrowing down fonts, colors, and pages we created a proper sales funnel for this niche market and incorporated aspects of the logo throughout the site. Selling products specific to police, security, and military we found distinctive photos to compliment their brand. In addition we made sure their new app/technology is one of the first things to be seen on the site.


We built Detectachem in Magento CMS. Some of the top features included:

We created configurable products that came in different box sizes labeled as simple products.

Created a platform that communicated to their mobile app so that users who bought an app subscription on the website could access the mobile app on their phone.

Users have the ability to purchase a product at a discount if they had purchased certain other related products.

Connected Quickbooks, Mailchimp, & UPS into one platform so everything is managed from the Magento Panel.

And lots more!