21 April 2017

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital Marketing for Small Businesses

Digital marketing strategy covers a wide range of tactics including social media, website design, email pitches, SEO, online advertising and more. These terms can be very confusing to a small business owner who just wants to attract new leads to their site. There are usually too many other responsibilities involved with running the day-to-day operations, owners don’t have time to learn about digital marketing for local businesses.

Small Business Digital Marketing Agency

To help small business owners put together the most effective digital marketing strategy here is a checklist of important steps that all local businesses should adopt this year. A reputable small business digital marketing agency will make sure these steps are checked and help eliminate all the guesswork.

Present an Attractive Website with Fluid Design

Digital marketing is almost entirely about driving traffic to your site. This is what it is all about. Surprisingly, there are still business websites being developed without a responsive design. This means they don’t translate well or navigate efficiently on mobile devices. It is not uncommon to see more than 40 percent of traffic coming from mobile devices. That number is expected to only increase.

With everyone constantly accessing their mobile devices, it is vital that your site is visually pleasing and easy to navigate on a smaller screen. Users must be able to contact you instantly by clicking on a phone number or email address. If your website is not optimized for mobile use, you will lose customers to more savvy competitors.

Use Social Media for Small Business Wisely

One of the most important things to know about digital marketing for local businesses and running a small business is understanding your customers. Social media is not hard to figure out. Forget what all the so-called social media experts say and observe your customers. If you don’t use it properly, social media can be a waste of time.

Each time you post on social media, you are a developing a voice for your small business, communication, and hopefully engaging with your loyal customers. Be careful not to overwhelm them with too many promotions and specials. Social media is not the place for pushing sales. These platforms allow you to share information that matters to your followers and actively engage with them.

Don’t Dismiss Email Marketing

For a while, email marketing had taken a back seat to social media, but now it has made a comeback. For many small businesses, it is a cheap and effective way to communicate with loyal customers. Social media giants like Instagram and Facebook only display your posts to a small portion of your followers. They push you to pay to reach your own followers. If you have already compiled a customer email list you can easily send information, product updates, and specials for little to no cost.

In short, small businesses should always monitor their own company site to be sure it is easy to navigate, that the content is compelling and fresh, and that the contact data is linked correctly for mobile use.

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