8 August 2016

Effective E-commerce without the Landing Page

Effective E-commerce without the Landing Page

Have you taken the time to explore Google shopping? There are a lot of sponsored posts and it doesn’t yet compare to top e-commerce companies like eBay or Amazon, yet it is still a platform worth reviewing.

How to improve e-commerce conversion optimization

One way Google may improve the shopping experience is if the sponsored ads were removed, organic search results were replaced with transactional queries, and users were allowed to compare products from multiple sources without being required to visit a website. Wouldn’t that provide a better experience and improve e-commerce conversion optimization?

Ecommerce development

Google appears to be actively trying to keep users inside their search engine with such incentives as knowledge graphs, local packs, flights and instant answers. Shopping may be next on that list. Google Shopping ads have already been popping up in search results for quite some time. Testing has just recently started for Showcase Shopping ads. This increases product exposure in Google search results.

Google Shopping paid ads

By only showing small brand notifications in the top right, Google isn’t clearly presenting paid ads in shopping pages. Users may be unaware that the brand and product they are viewing has paid for their spot. This might not matter to the average consumer who just wants to find the item they want to purchase.

If the search result did not use the usual organic search, the user may be brought closer to the action they set out to accomplish, which is actually researching and purchasing the product they desire without being lead out of Google.

E-commercesolutions within Google

The current Google Shopping layout could be an effective setup to replace the organic search result that is now being used. The landing pages for Google Shopping provides:

A familiar and fast loading platform that offers one of the best user experiences available

A wide range of products from a variety of suppliers combined in one location

The ability to comparison shop between multiple suppliers without the need to load several domains

The navigation is easy to use and understand

It is mobile-friendly

It is more intuitive for voice search and, compound and revised research queries

With this change, the user will initially need to click through to an outside site to complete the purchase. At this time, Google Shopping allows users to learn more about a product in Google before having to click through to a landing page and complete their purchase.

In time, Google may make it so your transaction is completed without the user every having to land on a website. This process was tested in 2015. Although Google claimed to have no interest in becoming a retailer, it seems clear the giant wants their users to accomplish their goals as seamlessly as possible, preferably while staying within the confines of Google.