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Falcon Vision Centre has been serving the community of Mississauga, Ontario for over ten years. Beginning as an associate of the practice, Dr. Sarika Gupta took over Falcon Vision Centre as the owner in 2010. She has continued the practice’s focus on patient-oriented care. Dr. Gupta believes in a community approach to healthcare and is in close contact with a variety of family physicians her area, to fully capture the full scope of health in Mississauga. Due to a high population of patients in the area with glaucoma, Falcon Vision Centre aspired to become the leading provider of glaucoma assessments in Mississauga. Dr. Gupta came to Adit seeking a marketing company that could not only book more appointments for the office, but could establish Falcon Vision Centre as an integral part of the local community.


Goal: To book more optometry patients and establish Falcon Vision Centre as the leading provider of glaucoma assessments in Mississauga.

SEO: After just three months of marketing, we were able to rank Falcon Vision Centre on the first page of Google for “Optometrist Mississauga” amongst other keywords. They also rank #1 for “Glaucoma Assessment Mississauga” This is because of our continual monthly off-page optimization, keyword-rich blogging strategy, and keyword optimization within their website.

Results: Went from having a very limited online presence to booking 15-20 patients a month strictly from online marketing efforts


Falcon Vision Centre wanted to combine the imagery of a falcon within their logo without taking away from being an optometry brand. We developed a very modern design of a falcon that was able to integrate beautifully with the practice name to complete the logo. They also wanted strong use of their office colors within the website design. Our design team made sure the logo and website used colors that would tie all these elements together.

Falcon Vision