9 June 2015

Five E-Commerce Trends that will Help your Business

Five E-Commerce Trends that will Help your Business

If you’re trying to bank on any kind of trend in 2015 and beyond, building an online store has a well of promise for your current or budding business. It’s never been a better time to join the ranks of e-commerce, especially when social media networking sites are free, easy to access and of the utmost importance in terms of exposure. We have seven ways for you to stay on top of this trend and become a force to be reckoned with in the online business world.

1. You MUST Go Mobile

The new generation is vastly different from the ones before them, and far more trusting on top of that. Mobile shopping has reached new levels of comfort within this digital generation of people and whether it’s online or via applications, much shopping is being done over mobile devices. If your website is mobile responsive that is pivotal when it comes to consumers and allows them to have an easier time navigating through the site while they shop. The little touches can make the biggest difference in your selling power.

2. The Customer Will ALWAYS Be Right

This cliché will always have hold in the business world, even within e-commerce. The ever-growing web has expanded to allow consumers to access more tools and search engines to take their business to cost protected websites and online stores that have consistent promotions and free shipping. With so many options, you must develop online courtesy and a way to engage consumers in the products you are offering.

3. Be Sure to Stand Out

It is critical that you find a way to set your online retail store apart from the rest. Something as simple as a wish list for future purchases, good customer service with live chats to help shoppers or free shipping can be a game changer when it comes to your prosperity.

4. Building Loyalty

The hardest thing to do in e-commerce is turning a one-time shopper into a loyal customer. The most important aspect of this is maintaining value of the product. This can be done through quality of the product, consistent promotions and changing inventory regularly so that there is not only new trendy things to look into buying, but also older selection on sale.

5. Free Return Shipping

This has become something of a staple amongst most online retail stores and can be the ‘make or break’ deal for a consumer to shop with you or not. Because there is that element of surprise while doing online shopping and what exactly it is you’re getting, having free return shipping will not only prove your business is legitimate but also that you’re confident in your product’s ability to please whoever is receiving it.