15 January 2018

Generating Links: Driving Traffic, Not Just Rankings

Generating Links: Driving Traffic, Not Just Rankings

For many, link building is seen as a way to increase rankings on search engines; however, at Adit, we understand that when link building is done correctly, it should also be driving more traffic to your site as well! Along with an increase in leads and sales, more traffic can also provide valuable analytics data about your visitors and potential customers.

Here’s how you can generate links that drive rankings AND traffic!

Identify Link Partners

When attempting to identify link partners, there are a couple of tactics you can use such as competitor research and reviewing search rankings. When identifying link partners through competitor research, there are a variety of tools you can use such as SimilarWeb. These tools allow you to see who is linking to your competitor websites along with how much traffic these sources are providing.

When identifying link partners by reviewing search rankings, it is important to look for sites targeting the same audience as your business. Using keywords important to your business, look for the top search results to see if these websites could be a link partner.

Research Link Partners

When it comes to link partners, it is important to research each website. Does the website appear to be spammy? Does it look like it was designed only to generate links? Are they legitimate sites that your target audience may be using such as Yelp? It is important to make sure that these sites actually generate traffic and that they also follow Google best practices (so that your business doesn’t end up getting penalized).

Evaluating Link Partner Success

So you’ve reached out to some link partners and successfully obtained links. You should probably be reviewing your success! Using Google Analytics, you can see where your referral traffic is coming from and over time determine which websites are worth your efforts and which aren’t. Google Trends can also be used to see if your overall brand search has increased as you build links across the web.

Don’t have time to generate links for your business? Contact our digital marketing agency to see how we can help!