14 February 2015

how to successfully market music online

how to successfully market music online

Create Your Brand

As a potential recording artist developing a theme or genre to your music allows you to adopt a specific persona to present to the public. Having an identifiable quality about yourself and the music you sing/play allows people to recognize you and set you apart from others in the same industry.

Raise Awareness – social media, blogging, special offers

Social media is the most used online tool in today’s world and there are multiple outlets with different features, but serving all the same purpose; to give people a voice. Through Facebook campaigns, Instagram posts, twitter updates, Youtube videos, blogging about your own music and the music of others, promoting special offers on potential concerts, an artist trying to get their music online is rather easy if you become fluent in these forms of media.

Discover a target audience

For example most boy bands will be making pop music and the target audience of that genre are young girls ranging from the ages 11 to 16 years old. Once there is a target audience in mind, channeling that demographic over social media creates an advantage and optimizes the selling power of your music. When a fan base of any size has developed that creates a greater possibility of expanding and reaching a wider audience.


There is always artistic talent that comes along has their fifteen minutes of fame and thereafter drops off the radar never to be heard of again. In order to surpass ‘one hit wonder’ stardom, there must be a level of consistency in terms of the release of music, the concerts performed (whether they be free or ticketed), the online posting and the interaction with fans. If there is a lack of consistency it’s very easy for an artist with potential to become irrelevant.

Networking and Connecting

Meeting with people that are representative of the industry you are trying to assimilate into is the easiest way to start making moves in your musical career because at the end of the day, who you know means everything. Connecting with loyal fans and reaching out to them through online forums or setting up meet-and-greets has a way of not only building their faith in you and your music but also spreading your sound to those who don’t know about you.

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