I.D.Inglewood – Another Great Mobile Responsive Development Of Adit.Co

i.D. Inglewood, by Sarina Developments, offers homeowners a blend of contemporary finishes, high-end features and spacious interiors – right in the heart of Calgary’s sought-after Inglewood area.


Goal: Create a name and build a brand that makes Sarina’s Inglewood development stand out and appeal to those luxury buyers. They wanted to find potential buyers who would tour their condos.

Brand Strategy: We designed a website that is mobile responsive and very attractive to the modern generation looking to live in the inner-city. We didn’t just showcase their development, we also created a sense of culture by showcasing the Inglewood area and the lifestyle one can have by living in Inglewood.

Paid Ads: We followed a simple strategy: acquire critical information from the lead in exchange for the pricing of the unit they are interested in seeing. Through these campaigns we were able to not only dominate the paid ads for all condo related keywords in Inglewood, but we also spread our messaging and success to Facebook. We also avoided “dream clicks” by showcasing unit details in our ads.

Facebook: With the help of high-resolution images of the Inglewood area and the show condos, we were able to build the interest of users based on their interest in moving or their current lifestyle such as being newly engaged, expecting a child, working as a business professional, getting their first job and more. Having access to a large demographic and being able to widely disseminate the message allowed for us to gain quality leads at a much lower cost than Google’s paid ads.

Results: We were able to utilize both platforms to gain traction on the website and help bring in quality leads to i.D. Inglewood’s condo development. This also helped build brand awareness and credibility in the process. In the end, the development had sold out with most of their leads and closes coming from online!


i.D. Inglewood is a unique condo development and needed a modern website that helped showcase the edgy living complex. A clean look that didn’t distract too much from the photos of the units was the primary concept. By using hues of black, red, and turquoise, we organized content and selling points into compartments inspired from the condo floor plans.