Ifwaa, Wordpress Web Design, Print Advertising Services

The Injured Federal Workers Advocate Association is the only company that provides the department of labor, the office of works compensation program, and specialized claims management to federal workers without them incurring any costs. Their goal is to educate, advocate, and mitigate on behalf of federal workers looking to file injury claims.


Goal: To find federal workers who are hurt and need help filing their claim with the Federal Workers Compensation.
Brand Strategy: We built a website that is direct and easy to navigate for older web users and those looking for information on how to file their claim. The online form function of the website is geared towards funneling users interested in getting help filing a claim and thereafter get a prompt response from IFWAA.

SEO: IFWAA is looking to grow throughout the entire country. Hence, we needed to run a global campaign that targeted all cities and federal workers searching for help. We ran a comprehensive content strategy as well as a lot of off-page campaigns to build traffic and traction towards IFWAA’s website.

Paid Ads: When running paid ads for injured federal workers the IFWAA website makes it easy for users to put an inquiry in for an injury claim, as it doubles as a virtual form submission platform. We found that there was a high search volume for ways to file an injury claim without very much competition or effective methods to file an injury claim. This helped drive relevant users and traffic to the IFWAA website and generate quality leads.

Results: Today, online marketing is a fundamental part of IFWAA’s business model as they continue to grow with locations in 50+ cities.


Same site domain, updated design. IFWAA has been around but didn’t have exposure online. Having primarily sold their services through print advertising, they decided to go online for more of an impact on this new age of technology. We kept the pages clean and clear, as well as added their videos, reviews and created a new blog. The integrated application now makes it possible for injured federal workers to start the process of filing a claim quicker and right at home.