7 April 2016

Local Market Strategy Solutions

Local Market Strategy Solutions

Recently, Google has increased its involvement in assisting businesses with their location information through the Google My Business API. This is done for more effective digital marketing. This new development helps update listings faster and more efficiently. It’s a way to stay ahead of the competition in marketing.

Marketers for organizations with multiple locations need to ensure that local data is up-to-date in all of the brand’s markets. To achieve successful sales across various regions it is crucial that organizations target local consumers. Google has recognized this need and how important is it to have accurate local information. My Business API is growing in popularity due to its added value for global brands covering a large assortment of industries.

However, there are manual capabilities that Google My Business API doesn’t cover. If necessary, brands can handle these functions with the understanding of what may be lacking in their location administration approach. Here is a sampling of local marketing tasks that should be managed manually by the organization’s marketing staff or an outside solutions provider.

The Verification Process

Only listings that have passed through Google’s verification process will be managed through API. This entails receipt of a postcard at a business address or a call at that location’s listed telephone number. Although, My Business API is proven effective for maintaining verified businesses, the process should still be completed outside of the path provided by Google.

Repeated Suppression and Conflict of Ownership

When an organization markets local area online properties, the problem of having to suppress duplicate pages or claiming ownership of those locations can occur. These challenges cannot be corrected automatically in the program. Important items like deleting duplicates and other conflict resolutions need to be resolved manually.

Customer Reviews

Brands need to develop a response strategy to handle user questions and comments. Google My Business API doesn’t offer customer reviews and it doesn’t provide a way for marketers to respond to reviews.The best way to get the most out of API is for professionals to make sure that they offer complete brand profiles, without error, and in line with industry practices and Google’s standards.

Google’s My Business API provides organizations a way to monopolize control of the data for their locations and become more competitive in a select, narrow market. At this time, Google My Business API is only being used by marketers. The Google team is on hand to work with organizations, in some cases to double-check data, and address issues with duplicity and ownership.