mobile marketing

the smart way to market

Smart phones, tablets, and even e-readers have become rising stars in web browsing and generally the way for customers to communicate, research, and buy from businesses. With the average adult using such devices for an average 4-5 hours a day, you cannot pass this amazing opportunity to reach the majority of this clientele.

Breaking into the mobile marketing game may seem like a tiring endeavor, half the battle is understanding the user experience, or how a potential client looks at and uses his or her mobile device; but here at Adit, we specialize in modern marketing techniques, and are savvy enough to break any business into the mobile marketing game.

Mobile Marketing and Your Business

Taking into consideration your business, Adit can cater it mobile marketing strategies to better fit your businesses unique branding needs, and help guide your business towards a more efficient way of catering to your client based needs. Primarily we do this through developing an efficient SEO strategy for you through carefully crafted content. All of the services provided can guarantee you success in gaining new prospects, and clients, but what we specialize in is finding the right formula for gaining that success; services such as SMS text campaigns, mobile advertising, and modifying your website to be more easily read on mobile.

One of the best ways to reach your targeted audience is by making your website mobile. Mobile users visiting your site will:

  • Experience a simplified version of your site: able to be easily loaded, and read
  • Have easier access to events, coupons, or advertisements catered towards them
  • Be able to access your full site if they choose
  • Avoid frustration with easily tapped, clicked, or swiped interfaces that are easily accessed with the tip of a finger

The Adit Way

All good tactics, and strategies begin with understanding; the market place, the targeted audience, and the business. Here at Adit we cater our mobile marketing services with all these things in mind, and give our unique clients, an SEO strategy unique to their business, to give them an edge that their competition doesn’t have.

We start by understanding your targeted market place; what your business does, whom you cater to, your locations interests, activities, and preferences. Knowing goes hand in hand with understanding, and we make sure that we know the facts and, thereafter, make educated decisions regarding the path your mobile marketing campaign takes.

  • Next we discuss with you the needs of your business, as well as educating you on known marketing strategies that we believe will aid your business to gaining the trust of clients, and access to potential customers. You’ll be kept inside the loop throughout the entire designing process, making you a part of the process every step of the way. Whether it’s regarding your marketing campaigns (SEO and PPC), the web design, or programming changes, you’ll be in the know at all times.
  • Executing the plan is the best step. We take all of our research, and know how, and apply it to your mobile marketing campaign. Mobile web, and campaign design are done by the experts who test, and check that your product is a finely tuned lead-driving machine.