Mukhi Dairy Farm is a World Class Dairy Farm based in Gujarat, India. They provide subscriptions for unpasteurized, raw cow’s milk that is delivered right to your door every other week or monthly, depending on your subscription. They came to Adit looking to build a user-friendly and appealing e-commerce site that allows customers to purchase their product/subscriptions.


We are just beginning Mukhi’s Marketing so stay tuned!


Mukhi milk came to us with a logo in need of an interactive and creative website including the online store. Taking the colors and sketches of the cows from the physical packaging, we had a lot of fun recreating their brand. We wanted to exude a natural, clean feel while incorporating actual photos/videos. We created tons of vectored imagery, making the site playful and engaging for users to learn more about this one-of-a-kind dairy farm.


With a few subscriptions to choose from, we used a WooCommerce plugin after the site was converted for WordPress. The complicated part was creating a subscription system that auto charges users on a recurring basis!