Prairie Eye Care is an optometry in Winnipeg with multiple locations. They came to Adit looking to increase their visibility online as well as gain new patients for their newest 4th location.

prairie marketing one
prairie marketing one


Goal: To gain exposure to their Henderson and Garden City locations and increase the number of new patients they see every month.

SEO: We started targeting keywords like “Optometrist near McIvor Mall” and “Optometrist Near Garden City,” in order to capture new patients from these surrounding areas.

Pay-Per-Click Ads: We have just kicked PPC and remarketing ads in gear so stay tuned!

prairie creative one


From Prairie Eye’s logo we had great shapes, movement, and colors to work with and created a very engaging website. With 4 locations it was important to keep all the information straightforward and easy to find, and pages easy to navigate. Throughout each page you can see the branding reiterated through both obvious andsubtle flourishes.

prairieeye homepage