Adit Brought Privosa, an Elaborate E-Commerce Site

Privosa is an elaborate e-commerce site that caters to those seeking affordable loose diamonds or diamond rings for themselves or their significant other. It has the capabilities for users to design their own ring by choosing a setting and a stone and putting it together to create their very own unique ring.


Goal: To create a website that is user-friendly and attractive while branding Privosa as a quality diamond and diamond ring provider through an e-commerce site.
Strategy: We created the site to be both aesthetically pleasing and functional and then strategized our ad campaign to target those looking for quality rings at wholesale prices. We also honed in on our other competitive advantages which include custom ring designer options, 21 Day return policy & more.


Privosa has been around for nearly a century and wanted to move their business online through the creation of a new, uniquely designed website that captures the essence of the beautiful rings they are selling. By taking elements from the cut of the diamond, we were able to reflect this feature throughout the site. We did this through using white and turquoise for clarity and effect. The site showcases the different qualities that make Privosa unique from other diamond e-commerce sites as well as the actual products themselves. The ring building process was made to be easy and efficient for users to see what exactly they could create if they chose to do so.


Privosa was programmed by using Magento, which allows the website to be both user-friendly, efficiently functional, and rank well on Google’s platform as well as other search engines online. By using Magento, we were able to incorporate unique functional features to the site that may be limited if a different platform was used. This also allows Privosa to constantly adapt to the changes made in the future.