Pursuit of Hope is a rehabilitation facility with locations in Angleton and Pearland, TX, designed to help treat individuals with substance abuse disorders. They offer comprehensive rehabilitation services, from counseling to medication-assisted treatment to help their patients get to full recovery. They came to Adit looking to design a website that would reflect their new facilities and for help establishing their initial patient base.

persuit hope marketing one
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Goal: Our goal for Pursuit of Hope was to build a marketing campaign that targeted those looking for a drug rehab clinic in the greater Houston area. Because it’s such a targeted profile, we decided to allocate most of our funds to Search.

SEO/SEM: We built campaigns heavily targeting those keywords that were related to “drug rehab Houston.” One of the keys to doing this was creating a resource for these patients that encouraged them to seek out Pursuit of Hope by engaging them with informative and engaging content. As a result, we built an information resource on the website.

Results: At the infant stages of this campaign, Pursuit of Hope has been able to bring in more than half a million dollars in revenue at a lower than 5% acquisition cost!

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Pursuit of Hope wanted their brand to be all about health, living, and pursuing hope. Starting with the logo we chose to use a circle, making it grow darker with strength and embodying a never-ending path. To make the site look fresh and crisp we kept it mostly white with a gradient color scheme in blues and turquoise. We repeated the logo throughout the site to reinforce their brand. The use of happy/hopeful photos were a preference to remind people seeking help they are not alone.

pursuitofhope homepage