Renken Dentistry is a family dentistry in Springfield, IL that offers comprehensive dental services in-house. Their mission is to help patients achieve the healthiest, most confident smile that lasts a lifetime.


Goal: When Renken Dentistry came to us, they already had a very successful practice. Our objective was to get higher-dollar patients that were looking for high-end procedures. These procedures included Invisalign, Dental Implants, All-On-4 Implants, and Implant-Supported Dentures.

Strategy: In a market against heavily promotional competitors like Aspen Dental, we had to figure out a way to convince patients to book with Renken Dentistry for a consult. As a result, we decided to leverage the extensive video library Renken Dentistry had. You can check out a landing page we made for implants here:

SEO: When a patient in Springfield, IL searches for dental implants or Invisalign, Renken Dentistry shows at the top. That, along with their many 5-star reviews, has allowed us to compete with Aspen even without a strong promotion.

SEM: Many patients were in the “research” phase when looking up implants, Invisalign, and all-on-fours. So, we focused heavily on these patients by educating them on what to look for in the procedure, the costs, recovery time, etc. We funneled these patients into a consulting phase and generated patients for Renken Dentistry.

FB/Instagram Ads: Many patients looking for these procedures usually take a couple of weeks to make a decision. As a result, we leveraged our videos by retargeting these patients on Renken Dentistry’s Facebook and Instagram newsfeeds.

Results: Renken Dentistry books more regular appointments as well as a substantial amount of new patients looking for high-end procedures. More than 100 patients choose Renken Dentistry because they find them on Google search results!


Coming to us with an established brand, we streamlined Renken’s website by adding information/pages that were missing, organizing them, and making them easier to navigate. By incorporating their logo throughout the site, the addition of a gallery, doctor’s photos and videos, the site is as inviting and personal as the environment they create for their patients. Patients have loved their bright color palette and graphics.