16 April 2016

SEO and WordPress

SEO and WordPress

WordPress is an increasingly popular online tool for creating websites for personal use or businesses. No extensive coding or HTML skills are required and the cost ranges from free to minimal. A quarter of the top 10 million websites in the world were created on WordPress.

Much about this service is easy, automatic and seamless, some elements need special attention. It is important to understand search engine optimization (SEO) for WordPress to avoid hindering the growth of your business.

Here are some common misconceptions and SEO WordPress tips:

Is SEO optimization built-in to WordPress?

You won’t automatically improve your site rank on Google simply by using WordPress. This content management system (CMS) is easy to use and search engine friendly, but you will need to put in the work by adding SEO elements to it. A magical search engine optimized WordPress site, or any site, does not exist.

If I use the WordPress SEO plugin, I won’t need a SEO consultant. Correct?

Incorrect. Choosing to use the WordPress SEO plugin is a great first step, but it is only the beginning. No plugin will cover all aspects of SEO. A consultant specializing in SEO for WordPress will help strengthen your marketing plan and avoid monetary loss. This specialist will provide ongoing guidance and WordPress SEO tips to ensure the best results for the long-term.

What is the best WordPress SEO Plugin for my site?

You may need several plug-ins to accomplish all of your needs. The two most popular plug-ins right now are All In One SEO Pack and WordPress SEO by Yoast. Yoast is slightly higher rated.

Before you choose, it is necessary to determine which plug-in is most compatible with your website. This will avoid future technical problems. Additional questions you will need to ask include:

• Do the developers offer adequate technical support?
• Is this a plug-in widely used? Is there a large community of long-term users?
• Is this an innovative, ever-evolving company that is known for regular updates and revisions?

What is the best WordPress hosting solution?

A virtual private server (VPS) is a good option if you choose to manage hosting, data backup, upgrades, etc., on your own. You will need plenty of time and resources.

If that doesn’t work for you, hosting solution managed by a provider will free you from that part of the equation. For a moderate fee, specialists will handle technical, security, administration and performance concerns.

Will free WordPress themes negatively affect my SEO?

Some will and others won’t hurt your SEO. Here are some SEO and WordPress tips to consider:

• Don’t use a WordPress theme that is part of a link. This can damage your visibility and hinder SEO results. If a link is removable, don’t use that theme.
• Most free themes are not upgraded or protected with security. This can have a negative effect on your WordPress SEO.
• Research feedback and reviews.
• Do a quality check to ensure it meets Google guidelines.
• Make sure it is mobile-friendly.

Is it better for SEO WordPress to install on a new domain, subdomain or subfolder?

A new domain is often used for short-term marketing campaigns. You might not gain the same SEO advantages when hosting a blog on a new domain as you would on your main website. A subdomain within your site may be the better option. Some believe WordPress SEO performs best when you install WordPress in a subfolder. Your SEO consultant can help you devise a creative approach for the best outcome.

Will posting the same content in different categories cause an SEO problem?

It is necessary to direct Google to the original page to be indexed (ex. meta directives), or don’t duplicate content. If you are using only one URL to display your content, there probably won’t be any issues.

My WordPress theme uses HTML5 and H1 tags. Is that bad for SEO?

The use of H1 tags is not good for SEO. When people use several H1 tags on a page, it can appear as spam and be harmful to organic search rankings.

Will WordPress Widgets improve WordPress SEO?

WordPress widgets make it easier to post such groups of content as sidebars and footers. They are not harmful to SEO, and don’t offer any improvement. It is better to avoid adding clutter that isn’t offering any business value. A more user-friendly way to use widgets, that adds value, is to offer tailored content focused on what audiences are interested in. Present new content inside forums, include a social application plugin, or feature new member photos.

How will not using the user’s native language affect my WordPress SEO?

For the best SEO result and a better user experience, always set up your website to use your visitor’s native language. WordPress can be translated into many languages without advanced technical skills.

Make sure your WordPress plug-ins and themes are translation-ready. You will need to be able to use a program like Poedit to complete the task, this is very important, more so if you intend to grow your business and branch out into new countries.