Shivji Law is a law firm in Calgary, Alberta that specializes in all aspects of residential real estate law. Before coming to Adit, the firm had great SEO success, but their website was compromised. Because of this, they went from being on the top 3 page one results for the keyword “real estate lawyer” to not even existing on Google! Adit took over the website to return them to the top of the rankings and make sure their SEO strategy was sustainable for the long term.


Goal: To reestablish the firm’s reputation with Google by rebuilding their website and implementing a strong SEO strategy.

SEO: We had to clean up Shivji Law’s reputation with Google, so first, we rebuilt the website on WordPress. Second, we reindexed the website with Google. We used similar H1, H2, H3, and meta tags to the site that originally ranked on page 1. We kept our keyword densities similar too. Because Shivji Law had moved their location, we went back to all of their historical submissions and resubmitted their new location. From the time their website was first compromised to when we started doing SEO was about 10 weeks. But, after we started doing SEO, they were back on page 1 within 2 weeks! Better yet, they ranked first position within 4 weeks for the keyword “real estate lawyer calgary.”

SEM: Shivji Law missed out on a lot of searches simply because they didn’t know what else their consumers were searching. We found many more keywords and starting targeting them using SEM.

Results: Shivji Law is on the digital forefront of their industry by ranking 3 to 4 times on page 1 for many of their keywords. They get more than 50 clients (not leads) from digital per month!


Bringing us their logo, Shivji Law wanted a clean, simple site that promoted his 3 main services to potential clients. We brought out the unique color palette and used vivid photos to get the services across to users as well as their presence in Calgary.

Shivji Law
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