We Built Smile for Hire Web Application

A Smile for Hire is adapted from the application that is used to connect dental professionals in the same areas for temporary, fill-in, and permanent job opportunities with an easy to use sign-up and calendar function.


Smile for Hire came to us with a logo, wanting a clean, elegant and organized application with a website to promote it. Using calming blues and white, we designed the step-by-step stages of the application and calendar. From the log-in page to a job post, to the user’s personalized profile. SFH is now an online platform created for a real-time hiring dentistry community. Next, the website needed to match the application in terms of design but had to promote the membership and show visitors how simple it is to use. Making sure to show the application on a variety of devices and its steps reiterated how convenient and accessible Smile for Hire is for dental professionals.


Smile for hire is an application we built to give dental employers the ability to find temporary staff. Many times, dental clinics would have temporary availability where they need a hygienist, dental assistant, or a dentist to sub in. Additionally, there are hygienists, dental assistants, or dentists that are looking for a temporary side-income job where they can make quick money. Smile for hire exists to bring the two together. Not only does it allow the employee to create a profile, add their availability to a calendar, and look for jobs, but it also allows employers to post a job and search for available dentists, hygienists, and dental assistants. Smile for hire was built in WordPress.

Smile for Hire