10 Ways To


Practice Operations

Automation tools can give dental practices a productivity boost, streamline check-in and check-out processes, and improve patient communication. Here are ten ways to automate practice operations and optimize daily workflows:

Check-In Processes

94% of individuals would be more likely to choose providers that offer online booking options. These automated check-in processes are now industry standard:

1. Online Scheduling
2. Digital Patient Forms
3. Automated Appointment Reminder

Check-Out Processes

Offering a seamless check-out process is key to giving patients a full-circle experience centered on the conveniences they’ve come to expect. These can include:

4. Payments (Text to Pay, Posting Payments
    to the Ledger)
5. Automated Review Requests

Other Operational Processes

Outside of checking patients in and out, there are many other areas where dental practices can leverage automated tools:

6. Patient Portal
7. Treatment Plan follow-ups
8. Patient Recall
9. Ai Call Tracking
10.Email campaigns

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