3 Ways To Reduce Dental Appt. No Shows

lost productivity and revenue.

Sometimes it's a genuine mistake of dates getting mixed up or just forgetting they had an appointment time. Regardless of why patients miss their appointments with your dental office, the result is the same: 

If you want to improve your dental office’s current strategy to reduce patient no shows, here are 3 proactive steps to get people to follow through and make their dental appointments.

It’s important to show patients you value their time so they don’t dread a long visit. Streamline your intake process by sending digital intake forms for patients to complete beforehand and cut down on wait times. 

Minimize Time Spent In the Waiting Room

Recall patients to get them rebooked as soon as possible after a no show. Many practices skip this step because the process is time consuming. However, using an automated recall software can save your front desk hours of tedious calls.

Address Missed Appointments Right Away

Use automated appointment reminders to send text messages with an embedded calendar link. Patients can simply reply with "yes" or "no" and conveniently reschedule through your online calendar integration.

Send Automated Appointment Reminders

Adit offers cutting-edge software that makes it easy for patients to interact with your practice. From online scheduling, automated recall and reminder texts to digital patient forms, Adit has the tools you need to keep your chairs warm.

Is your current PMS missing these tools? 

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