4 Dental
Metrics For Better Decisions

Your dental practice is collecting data whether you realize it or not. In fact, the average dental practice can have up to 734 data points to consider. But which metrics actually influence decision making in a dental office? Here are 4:

Appointments metrics that matter:
 - New Patients Scheduled
 - Broken appointments
 - Scheduled/unscheduled recare
 - Hygiene visits 

Important for decisions that make or break practice operations.


Production metrics that matter:
 - Production-per-visit
 - Production goals
 - Scheduled procedures
 - Gross & net profits

Important for decisions pertaining to short and long term growth.


Performance metrics that matter:
 - Revenue earned
 - Periods high in revenue
 - Practice efficiency
 - Procedure volume versus revenue
 - Production time

Important for decisions surrounding revenue and team efficiency.


Collections metrics that matter:
 - Pending claims
 - Payments processed vs. procedures
 - Claim denial rates

Important for decisions that directly affect your cash flow and bottom line profitability.


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