4 Tips To
Retain Your
Dental Patients

When patients feel cared for by your dental practice, you earn their loyalty for years to come. Patient engagement is one way to show you care and should be a fundamental part of your retention strategy. Here are 4 tips to boost patient engagement in your practice:

Automate Appointment Reminders

How can you reduce no-shows and stay top of mind in your patients' busy lives? Sync your EHR to a system that can automatically send text/email reminders to ensure your patients know you’re not forgetting their appointment, and neither should they!

Timely Follow Ups

Post-treatment follow up calls or personalized messages have a major impact on a patient’s experience and recovery. This small but meaningful act shows you desire positive outcomes for your patient’s health and their relationship with your practice.

Prioritize Convenience

Patients prioritize their dental health when you make it easy for them to interact with your practice. Offering modern conveniences like TeleDent visits, in-house payment plans, and text to pay can reduce your overhead costs while boosting retention.

Implement a Patient Portal

This convenient hub allows patients to book appointments, complete forms, pay balances, view lab results, update info, and so much more. Giving patients agency over their experience with your practice is a key component in satisfaction and loyalty.

Did you know that there are systems out there that are designed and engineered to help dental practices retain patients? All-in-one platforms, like Adit, have dozens of tools to automate processes that boost patient engagement, streamline operations and increase production.

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