4 Ways To Lower


Dental Practice 

Let’s face it, running a dental practice is expensive. Between equipment and supply purchases, payroll, lab costs, software, and advertising, it’s hard to maintain your profitability with all these variable costs. Here are 4 ways to reduce your overhead:

Using an intuitive practice analytics tool to evaluate everything from treatment trends, scheduling efficiency, and patient communication can help you take actionable steps to address any issues impacting your monthly spending.

Analyze What Contributes To Your Overhead

Advertising, software, phones, the cost to engage your market audience and patients with these disjointed systems is sky high. By consolidating communications under an all-in-one platform, your practice can save thousands of dollars a year.

Centralize How You Communicate

Consolidating your flexible payment options into one system can lower overhead from payment processor fees and eliminate the need to mail invoices. Patients can settle their accounts via a secure link or through their patient portal at their convenience.

Reduce Your Postage Costs

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You’re spending thousands a month on multiple software that does not always integrate. Did you know that there’s an all-in-one software that offers analytics, billing, digital intake tools and communication systems, and more for 1 low monthly price?

Cut Your Software Bill By 60%