4 Ways To Streamline Practice Operations

Dentists wear many hats and “CEO” tends to be the most uncomfortable. Whether you’re just starting out or have an established dental practice, these tips will help make your role as a business owner a little less stressful and a little more empowering.

Invest In Your Team and They Will Take Care of Your Investment

Encourage continued education (conferences, online courses, webinars).

Train your staff how to upsell treatments, handle collections, and use your software.

Host a 15-min morning huddle every day and go over KPIs. 

Digital patient forms

Prioritize Patient Experience

Make it easy for patients to interact with your practice online and in person by offering digital conveniences during check-in / check-out interactions like:

Online scheduling

Digital patient forms

Text reminders

Patient portal


Digital patient forms

Automate Tasks & Eliminate Dead-Weight Tools

Automate the time-sucking tasks that have your team bound to manual processes like posting payments to the ledger. 

Eliminate tools and processes that slow your team's productivity and waste your money (like paper forms).

Digital patient forms

Consolidate Your Tech Stack

Rather than using 3-4 different software to run your office, use an all-in one system, like Adit, that consolidates everything into one, easy to use-cloud based platform. 

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