Self-Scheduling Combats

Dental practices face high no-show rates, impacting finances and patient care. Forgetfulness and anxiety are top reasons but online self-scheduling is an effective remedy.

Patients Want Self-Scheduling

Online self-scheduling revolutionizes appointment booking because it's convenient and reduces no-show rates, improving patient engagement, with 80% preferring it over traditional methods.

Benefits of Self-Scheduling

Self-scheduling reduces no-shows as patients can book at their convenience. This boosts patient engagement by giving them control over appointments, fostering trust and adherence to treatment plans.

Enhance Your Quality of Care

Online scheduling supports administrative tasks, so staff spends more time delivering quality patient care. It also enhances efficiency by reducing wait times, maximizing chair utilization, and optimizing visit times.

Self-Scheduling Quick Tips

Successfully implementing self-scheduling involves choosing user-friendly software, educating patients, providing ongoing support for both patients and staff, ensuring accessibility, and monitoring overall performance.

Online Scheduling 

Adit empowers dental practices to combat no-show appointments, improving financials and patient care through efficient strategies and tools.

Adit Practice Management Software enhances patient care with convenient online scheduling, VoIP communication, e-forms, reminders, telemed, eFax, payment processing, and more. Schedule a free demo today!

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