Data Mining
Tips For Dentists 

Data is the new gold rush. If you own or run a dental practice, leveraging data to understand your patients, operations, staff, and industry trends is essential. Here are 4 tips to help you turn data into dollars. 

Take a close look at all of your current data streams - scheduling, check-in, collections, patient feedback, treatment upsells, time spent on procedures etc. Then update the processes causing valuable information to slip through the cracks. 


When it comes to data management, consistency is king. Manual entry for processes like payment posting and intake paperwork are efficiency zappers and cannot achieve the level of accuracy and consistency that automation tools can.


Accessing data on a smartphone or tablet is extra handy for morning huddles and when you’re out of office. Having real-time access lets you pivot quickly when it’s needed rather than waiting for an end of month report and wasting valuable time and money.


The average practice uses 3-4 software to manage communications, operations and analytics data. These systems rarely sync and cause data silos that dramatically impact information accuracy. Opt for an all-in-one system, like Adit, to keep everything under one roof.


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