Dental Billing Trends To Watch In 2023

In the thick of record-breaking inflation, dental practices are already adopting non-traditional dental billing practices. Here are 4 dental billing trends that are predicted to increase in popularity in 2023 and beyond:

83% of patients are more likely to stay with a dental practice if it offers an in-house payment plan. With 72% of dental practices reporting concern for declining insurance reimbursement rates, this solution is mutually beneficial.

In-House Membership Plans

Tools like automated payment requests and text to pay are a game changer for practices experiencing long billing cycles. Automated billing processes are cutting the average 90-day dental billing cycle down to 5 days or less. It’s safe to say this trend is here to stay!


HR and dental billing outsourcing is expected to increase in 2023, and this isn’t surprising. Staffing shortages are high and collection rates are low. Turning to agencies that specialize in these areas are becoming increasingly more attractive.


In lieu of pricey outsourcing, using all-in-one platforms, like Adit, let’s practices offer in-house payment plans and robust dental billing automation tools plus everything else their teams need to run their clinics in one place.

All-In-One Dental Office Management Software

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