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Stay ahead of dental insurance changes in 2024 that may affect your dental software. In this guide, we explain some potential updates and how they might impact your current practice management system.

Annual Maximum Adjustments

Annual maximum adjustments in dental insurance plans impact coverage and patient expenses. Dentists rely on knowing this limit for treatment planning but changes can lead to claim denials or increased patient payments.

2024 ADA form updates

2024 ADA form updates are designed to streamline dental billing. Locum Tenens clarity, periodontal history inclusion, and payer ID space enhance efficiency as of Jan 1, 2024. Adopt early to avoid claim rejections.

Coverage Changes

Annual coverage adjustments affect insurance eligibility, exclusions, and clauses. Changes like adding a missing tooth clause impact expenses. Dental billing systems must accommodate these changes quickly.

Medicare Dental

2024 Medicare PFS updates expand dental coverage, impacting software, billing, treatment planning, and patient communication

Staying Ahead with Dental Software

Modern dental software is crucial for streamlined claims processing. Platforms like Adit employ AI and automation for accurate coding adjustments, reducing claim denials. Pre-verification catches processing issues faster.

Centralizing Communication

Clear communication protocols in dental offices are crucial for sharing insurance updates efficiently. Dental software integrates multiple communication channels to ensure all staff receive timely updates.

Dental professionals excel at providing stellar care and processing insurance accurately. With modern dental software to automate and streamline these processes, 2024 insurance changes will be a breeze to navigate.

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