How Dentists Can Avoid Negative Reviews

Your dental practice’s reputation matters. In a world where patients seek out reviews and share experiences on easily accessible platforms, how do top dentists project and shield their reputations simultaneously? Here are four simple steps:

Chairside manner and quality services are only part of the equation. Most patient complaints often stem from a lack of communication and conveniences like online scheduling, digital forms, appointment reminders, and flexible payment options.

Deliver A Complete 5-Star Experience

It is vital to screen patient satisfaction before requesting a review. Text patients a quick 1-2 question survey to gauge their experience and determine the patients likely to leave positive reviews.

Send Post-Visit Surveys

After a patient gives positive survey feedback, send them a text with a convenient link to review your practice on the platforms of your choice. Automating this step will also avoid awkward conversations and delays during checkout.

Text Review Requests

Whether the review is positive or negative, respond publicly on the platform and privately with a personalized text or email. The response shows that your practice is paying attention and that patient satisfaction truly matters to you.

Show Gratitude

Managing your practice’s reputation requires time that most dental teams can’t spare. Utilizing all-in-one dental software, like Adit, can help you manage all four steps and beyond with automation tools designed to help you boost and protect your reputation.

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