While improving your upselling skills and building trust with patients can be excellent first steps to boosting your overall dental case acceptance rates, most conversations come down to cost. Here are five tips to tackle the money talk and boost same-day acceptance.

1. Remind Patients of Their Goals

Something motivated your patient to seek care. Find out their goals / motivations and use this to enrich your conversation. All consumers often buy based on emotion over logic, so always leverage this in your pitch.

2. Consider Time Commitment

Most patients work full-time and have difficulty scheduling multiple visits. In this case, work with patients to schedule procedures in as few visits as possible and give priority days and times to sway an instant decision in your favor.

3. Offer Multiple Payment Options

Patients don’t like to feel backed into a corner on price. Make it easy for them to pay for treatments via credit card/Care Credit and text to pay. Remind them they can pay upfront but pay off their treatment over time.

4. In-House Financing

When patients don’t want to use credit, an in-house payment plan is an effective way to give patients the flexibility to pay a little down now and a little over time to soften the blow of a large upfront bill.

5. Watch This Free Webinar

By the end of this webinar, you’ll walk away with new tools, upselling techniques, and patient-centered strategies you can use today to improve oral health outcomes and your bottom line.

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