March Social Media Marketing Tips

March is a prime time for your dental practice's social media. From National Nutrition Month to World Oral Health Day, this is a great season to use impactful marketing strategies.

National Nutrition Month

March is National Nutrition Month! Celebrate on Instagram by sharing smile-friendly foods, dental tips, and healthy recipes. Engage followers with #ToothFriendlyMeals.

World Oral Health day

March marks World Oral Health Month, led by FDI World Dental Federation, advocating global oral health. Promote preventive dental services with special discounts to raise awareness and encourage regular check-ups.

NCAA March Madness

Create a dental-themed March Madness bracket challenge! Predict NCAA winners for dental prizes. Rally excitement with captivating graphics using intuitive communication features to promote community engagement.

Spring Cleaning Campaign

Maximize your dental practice's spring cleaning specials! Offer discounts on whitening and cleanings. Use vibrant graphics and themed messaging to entice. Don't miss out on this opportunity for client renewal and growth! 

Spring Break Prep

Promote a healthy spring break! Advise patients to pack oral care essentials, stay hydrated, and choose snacks wisely. Encourage engagement by inviting them to share travel tips. Let's spread smiles this vacation season!

Lucky Smile Event

Organize a 'Lucky Smiles Giveaway' for St. Patrick's Day! Encourage followers to share their dental care routines with green-themed posts. Use a hashtag for entries and offer a chance to win a dental care package or discount.

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