Overcoming Dental Staffing Shortages

There’s a perfect storm brewing in the dental industry. On one hand, patients are booking appointments at pre-pandemic rates. On the other hand, a recent ADA poll showed that 40% of dental practices are facing labor shortages.

Dentists are concerned about the extra strain these empty dental hygienist, dental assistant and office staff roles are having on their teams as well as their patients, who sometimes have to wait months to receive treatments.

In this highly-competitive dental market, here are 3 simple things dentists and dental office managers can do to relieve some of the pressure and keep your patients and team members happy:

Tools like online scheduling, patient recall, and SMS texting, help your office eliminate time-consuming busywork by automating those tedious tasks and freeing your team’s time to spend with patients. 

Eliminate Busywork

Make morning huddles a daily practice. Having your team gather to discuss goals and where each person contributes to those goals is a great way to create a shared sense of purpose. 

Establish Clear Expectations

With all-in-one practice management platforms, like Adit, you no longer need 2-3 different software to get the job done. Having one place to access all the information they need means your team is less frazzled and more efficient.

Consolidate Software

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