Overcoming Software Subscription Fatigue

Every month, dental practice owners get bills for thousands of dollars from multiple software companies whose programs they use to run their dental offices.

What Does Dental Software Subscription Fatigue Look Like?

Dental office teams are having to log into 3-5 platforms (that don’t talk to each other or their EHR) and manually update the same information over and over again just to perform simple operational tasks like checking in patients and collecting payments.

It’s not!

Most dental professionals are tired of these fragmented systems. However, they think it’s normal to use (and pay for) multiple, separate software to manage:

Patient Forms
Reviews and more


Overcome Subscription Fatigue with an All-In-One Solution

Dentists are discovering that an all-in-one, cloud-based dental office management software could manage all of their office’s communications, operations and analytics in the same system while in the office or on the go.

While many dental software systems claim to be “all-in-one”, Adit is the only solution specifically designed to integrate with your EHR and merge everything your dental office needs to run under one roof. One login, one easy subscription, zero contracts.

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