Technologies Transforming Dentistry 

Are you curious about what advancements will likely show up in your office in the near future? You may have noticed an explosion in technological advancements over the last few years. Check out our top 5 picks and what they mean for your dental company and patients.

Dental PMS systems have evolved significantly in just a few short years. Some are now leveraging AI and powerful automated technology to improve how you run your practice, increase patient retention, and maximize your profitability.

AI-Powered Dental Practice Management Software

Popularized during the COVID-19 pandemic, teledentistry is here to stay. Dentists have uncovered it’s long term benefits like a reduction in billable costs and making appointments more affordable and accessible for both patients and providers.


New developments in stem cell research have pioneered the way to self-healing teeth. That's right, imagine being able to treat your dental patients without root canals and instead stimulate dentin growth!

Regenerative Dentistry

Using a digital design program and 3D printers, temporary dental crowns and other prosthetics will be made in house. This gives patients a quick solution while waiting on the final product from a backlogged dental lab.

Digital Design And
3D-Printing Technology

VR has been proven to calm patients during invasive procedures by transporting them to a visually calming environment to improve their treatment experience and reduce stress. Soon this technology may be considered industry standard.

Virtual Reality (VR)

Adit understands the pressure to remain competitive in this advancing tech world. So we created a user-friendly, all-in-one dental software suite to help your office provide top-quality care for your patients today and beyond.

Is Your Dental Office Ready for the Future?

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