Why Use E-Forms In Your Dental Office

Going paperless is quickly becoming an expectation for practices everywhere. If your dental office is still bound to the clipboard, you may find yourself losing patients to your competition. Here’s what you might be missing out on and how you can change it.

With digital documentation, your team can send, receive, upload, and communicate with patients with just a few clicks. Plus, it provides the easy access to account information that patients have come to expect and improves retention. 

Improved Team Efficiency & Patient Experiences

How much did your dental practice spend on office supplies last year? $15k? $30k? Switching to e-forms will help you spend less on office supplies and equipment while boosting your team’s efficiency and productivity.

Cost Savings

If your existing PMS doesn't allow you to organize your patient database in one location, it's time to consider a more modern option. Adit can help you automate your check in process and transition from paper to digital in a snap.

Centralized Patient Records

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