28 October 2015

The Rise of E-Commerce

The Rise of E-Commerce

E-Commerce Store vs. Traditional Shopping Mall

E-commerce has been a revolutionary agent in terms of global consumption. Traditionally we have always shopped in-store but with the new norm being online shopping, on a global scale our shopping patterns tremendously sway in favor of online dominance. The level of convenience is the dominating theme behind the influx of online shopping within society.

Rather than driving across town to the nearest shopping mall and venturing the overcrowded ranks of shoppers from store to store, you can find your favorite store online, select what you would like and have it shipped directly to your house.

This not only saves you precious time, but if you already know how you fit into that store’s clothing it’s guaranteed you won’t have to ship anything back due to bunched up fabric or pants that are far too tight!

Upcoming Trends

Online sales will continue to climb from 7% in 2011 to approximately 9% in 2016. With that in mind, there will be a better understanding of what online consumers will want from their e-commerce stores and will be implemented in order to increase purchasing incentive.

E-commerce is accredited for 15% of holiday sales and online sales will continue to dominate within the fourth quarter of the year. 70% of the people who bought online during this time did so because of deals and promotions that were shown online.

This fact alone has driven the increase in flash sale sites that will offer consumers high end products for a great percentage less of the retail price.

Technology’s Role

With online shopping on the rise in this new technology dependent era, this only means one thing. More people are using their smart phone devices to order products online. Without high resolution or mobile responsiveness (site fitting perfectly on their phone screen), it is difficult for certain e-commerce stores to take advantage of this trend.

Many e-commerce stores as a result have revamped their websites to not only be more user friendly, but prompt consumers to buy more than what they initially visited the site for. With visually appealing pieces that have zoom technology, using their smart phones or tablets is just as easy as using a desktop.

Many stores have even developed apps that cater to consumers using smartphones for accessibility and simplification of the site and the products they are selling.

An Even Playing Field

The sporadic growth of online shopping has revolutionized this tech savvy society and it will only continue to flourish as time goes on. This new element to buying and selling allows a wide variety of industries and businesses to enhance their appeal and the way they market themselves.

The shift in focus to internet and the “instant” quality it brings, creates a competitive marketplace atmosphere that can only be utilized to its best ability if there is an effective business strategy in place. All things considered, technology is the future and being mindful of these trends is putting your best foot forward.